Not Another Bloody Blogger… 🙈🙈🙈

Soooo… I have been thinking for a long time about starting a blog. I know *snore* everyone has a bloody blog these days, which is partly what’s put me off doing it. I’m not convinced anyone would read it, but I’m starting to think maybe that doesn’t matter and if noone does, it can just be a record for me to look back on which is the main reason I want to do it anyway! And if along the way even one mum might feel a bit better because she can relate to something I’ve said, then bonus! I’ve had plenty of moments reading other people’s blogs when I’ve thought ‘oh thank f**k someone else feels like that sometimes – maybe I’m not quite as batsh*t crazy as I thought!’ 🙊 It would be awesome to be able to do that for other mamas out there!
The main problem I think I will have is having the confidence to post what I want to say… I sometimes write long, slightly ranty posts on Instagram and half the time I end up deleting them because I start overthinking it. Eg – people are going to think I’m such a selfish cow whinging about trivial aspects of motherhood when there are so many who haven’t got/had that chance. A sentiment I totally get – a few years ago when I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to have the chance, I would have wanted to slap someone round the face for such whining and say ‘pull yourself together, don’t you know how lucky you are?!’ However, now that I understand the reality of just how HARD it can be, I now appreciate the need for a good rant and realise that some moments are just crappy, however much you know how lucky you are and actually it is healthy to talk about these feelings 🙊 Being naturally quite a shy person and a bit lacking in confidence, I’m nervous to open myself up to criticism or judgement from other mums but hopefully it won’t come to that and anyway that would require people to be reading it which I don’t think they will be so yay we’re all good 😂

So, I probably won’t post that regularly, just as and when things crop up. If you’ve read to the end of this, you deserve some kind of endurance medal 😂 I think I’ve successfully managed to bore even myself 😎 Oh and by the way this is NOT going to be one of those gorgeous perfect-looking blogs with pictures of cups of tea next to blossom and that sort of thing 😂 This is going to be very random, un-sugar-coated (not even a word, I mean come on! 🙈) and most likely full of swear words 😬 But honest 😊

‘Til next time!
Hannah x

PS In case you were even slightly interested in the name, we call Henry and Cora ‘Twiglets’ because they’re twins and also piglets 🐷🐷😂😂

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