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Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited along to Market Halls, to check out their newly-opened Fulham venue and try some of the amazing food and drink on offer.

The venue is the former entrance hall of an ornate Edwardian Underground station. It’s basically a posh food hall, with lots of communal seating in the centre and nine kitchens around the outside, serving a wide selection of different cuisines, from pizza to curry to kebabs (swanky kebabs not your late-night dirty type 🤣👍). The idea is that you go and order food then bring a buzzer back to your table – when it vibrates, your food is ready and you go up to collect it. The great thing is that there is enough variety to appeal to all tastes – everyone in the family can have something different.
We chose a stone-baked margerita pizza from Yard Sale Pizza for the twiglets – it was plenty big enough for them to share and there were even leftovers (that gives you an idea of the size – H never leaves food so it must have been big 🤣) It was super yummy (we had a taste too!) and the twigs loved it. Hubby had a fried buttermilk chicken sandwich from Butchies, which was also fab.
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I couldn’t resist reliving my travelling days with some Indian street food from the fabulous Calcutta Canteen. I went for some lentil fritters which were A-MAAAZING. Be warned, they have green chilli in and are a little spicy so test them first before giving one to your greedy child (obviously you would test them first, I mean who would be silly enough not to?! 😳🙄🙃) To be fair H wasn’t too bothered and seemed to like them 😂😂 I also had some chana chaat, which is chickpeas in a tomato sauce with a whole ton of crunchy yummy stuff on top – so many different textures 😁 I looooved it 😋
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There is also a deli, a coffee shop and a well-stocked bar, serving a range of cocktails and craft beers, and for children, a selection of Pip Organic juices and smoothies, which my two love. The bar is really cool; it’s the old ticket office preserved from the original station.

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For pudding we tried some of the quirky ice creams from the Softserve Society. I think we could have been a bit more adventurous with our choices – flavours like charcoal and matcha all looked amazing. But we played it safe for the twigs and got them vanilla cones and we tried ‘Oh Snap’ sundaes, with ice cream, espresso, gingerbread and salted caramel – such a winning combination! 😋
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There is a small children’s play area which proved very popular when we visited. It includes a table and chairs, a cafe role-play area with lots of pretend food, fruit and veg, kitchen utensils and a till, and a large chalkboard on the wall. The twiglets really enjoyed it 😊
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I’m not sure whether I would take the twiglets to Market Hall by myself or not (although to be fair I tend to not be brave enough to eat out anywhere with the feral duo on my own 😂) I did feel I needed the extra pair of hands at the time; hubby and I took it in turns to order then collect food while the other stayed with the twiglets at the table or supervised them in the play area. The play area isn’t enclosed so you do have to keep a close eye if you have a runner like H 🙊😂 To be fair, it was pretty busy when we went at lunchtime on Saturday – I’m sure midweek would be quite a bit quieter and easier to sit and watch the kids in the play area from your seat. It would have been manageable by myself – I would have just needed to order from the same kitchen for me and the twiglets and keep them in the play area until the food was ready to collect, then make our way to a table altogether 😊 There is an app coming soon, which will enable you to preorder your food, making it even more convenient as it would be ready straightaway when you arrive.
All in all we had such a lovely time at Market Halls Fulham. The staff were super friendly and welcoming, there was a lovely bustling atmosphere which meant you didn’t have to worry about kids being noisy etc and the food and drink is fab quality yet reasonably priced. There is no booking required and you could even bring your dog if you felt so inclined 😁😁 I would highly recommend it to other families as a great place to visit for lunch, brunch or just a quick munch 😁

Visit the Market Halls website:
Or find them on Instagram: @markethalls

Also get ready for more Market Halls opening later in the year in Victoria and Oxford Circus 😊

Note: We were invited to visit this venue and were very kindly gifted drinks and vouchers towards our meal 😊 However, all views are honest and my own 😁

2018-05-30 09.06.58 1.jpg             Sign of a fun morning! 😉

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