A Little Ramble About Instagram


This may be a bit of a ramble so bear with… I’ve had something on my mind recently with Instagram…

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to go to a few different events and press days, including a family rave, a trip to Chessington World of Adventures, a launch night at a posh store, a theatre performance, a preview screening for a new film… This is all very new for me. I never used to be invited to aaanything and used to always wonder how PR companies found bloggers or Instagrammers and what criteria they were looking for etc. To be fair, I’m still none the wiser really, but I feel like things have stepped up just a little for me on there. I’ve been putting more effort into my account recently, to have a bit more of a theme (rainbows/colour) and to be a bit more choosy about which photos I post etc. I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with this at all, or if it’s more just what happens as your follower count (slowly in my case!) creeps up. Most of the events weren’t actually ones I was invited individually to anyway, but were opportunities through the Surrey Blogger Collective, which I’m very lucky to be a part of. We’ve also been lucky enough to receive more gifted items recently than we have before. I only ever accept products which are relevant for us and that I feel I could do a decent job promoting, as they would fit with my feed and the sorts of things we do, but this definitely seems to have stepped up a bit too. I feel very grateful for these opportunities but I do have a little niggling worry in the back of my mind….

What if people who follow me (especially those who’ve followed me for a while) think I’m turning into some massive wanky twatface and ditch me?! 😭🤣 I don’t want to be the person putting hashtag ad on every single post and I feel quite conscious that I’ve been needing to do it a lot more recently and that people might be thinking jeez love give it a rest! One of the reasons for this is that with the new guidelines, you do have to be very transparent and put #ad at the start of any post with gifted items, which I do question a little really as I don’t think it’s the same as you actually being paid for it – there’s a big difference. Gifted items are lovely and I’m very very grateful to receive freebies (who wouldn’t be?) but the fact is, you can’t pay the bills with a storybook or a cereal bar 😂 To be honest, I would love to be able to make some money out of my Instagram and my blog. I love doing both but they do take up a lot of my time so it would be amazing to be able to turn it into some sort of living. Returning to teaching after having children did not go hugely well for me, and yes I could probably find a teaching job more suitable than the one I was doing, but there would still be the same issues of ridiculous workload, stress, lack of flexibility etc. I’m really not sure how to take things to the next level and get regular paid work through my blog or Insta (that may be a whole other post for another time!) This is why I’m trying to put myself out there as much as possible at the moment – getting involved in campaigns and attending as many events as I can so I can ‘network’ (hate that word) and meet other bloggers etc. This does then mean I end up with a lot of hashtag ads and (in my mind anyway) probably a lot of people who follow me rolling their eyes thinking ‘not another bloody event/ad.’ Hopefully this isn’t how people feel – I do get that the whole #ad thing can get tedious… But rest assured, I am still just as much of a bellend as ever – still awkward as arse, still not very cool, still me. There is definitely no danger of me getting big for my boots – even if I had 100k followers and went on freebie holidays all over the place and earned a sh*tload, I’d still be a chronically underconfident tit (pahaha 100k can you even imagine – it’ll be a miracle if I ever make 10! 🤣) So hopefully the lovely people who follow me will continue to support me and not think I’m some annoying sellout with my head up my arse 🙈😂

Anyway that was a bit of a ramble but hopefully you got the gist! 😁

Til next time!

Hannah x

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