Awesome Rainbow Instagram Accounts

rainbow Instagram accounts

Helloooo! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of colour 😁🌈 So I thought I’d share the love and tell you about a few of the rainbow Instagram accounts whose glorious feeds bring a bit of sunshine into my day. I haven’t included any shops, as there are so many of those that I will do a separate post on them 😊 Enjoy! 🌈🌈🌈🌈


What can I say about this beautiful account? A colour extravaganza 😍 And run by the loveliest mama who shows so much support for others on Insta. A definite must-follow 😍


I just love Kelly’s feed. She shares photos of her gorgeous girls and their rainbow wardrobe, but also has the most impressive collection of books and takes amazing shelfies. I’m loving watching her account grow 😍


The lovely Lucy dresses her four kiddies in the most amazing rainbow attire and takes fab family photos – I don’t know how she manages it 🤣😍 I’m so inspired by all the rainbows in their home too 😊


I’ve followed Amy for ages and love her bright, colourful feed 😊 She also raises important awareness of her lovely daughter Ivy’s heart condition.


I absolutely adore the gorgeous tones and subtle rainbows in Hannah’s feed 😍🌈 She’s super lovely too and her photography is amazeballs 😁


If I’m honest, I don’t follow a lot of interiors accounts. This one is pretty much the only exception! I actually can’t cope with how beautiful this house is 😭🌈


Amy takes beautiful photos of her little one exploring nature. There are lots of great play and sustainable living ideas on her account 😊


I love the colourful, stylish outfits Jessica dresses her little Ember in 😍 She’s a really inspirational, confident mama 😊


I love Katy’s beautiful feed – she takes fun, colourful photos of her gorgeous boys and is super lovely too 😊


I just adore all the rainbows in this lovely feed all about nature and eco living 😍 Danielle shares beautiful, fun-filled photos of her little ones playing and enjoying nature 😊

Well, that’s it! Feel free to show these awesome rainbow accounts some love over on Instagram 😁 There are lots more of course (I hate having to narrow it down but I’d be here all day 😂) – do comment below if you know of others you’d like to share 😊🌈

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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