Our Autumn To-Do List

autumn to-do list

Helloooo! So I don’t usually tend to go in for these sort of seasonal checklist-type things. However, now that the twiglets are at school, I feel like our time together is really precious and I want to make the most of it. That’s not to say I will be putting loads of pressure on us all to get out and do stuff every single possible minute we can. The twigs are super tired from school and need lots of downtime. But I just have a few ideas of some things I’d like to do over autumn if we can, so I thought I’d share them. Here is our Autumn To-Do List:

Our Autumn To-Do List

1. Pick pumpkins at Garson’s Farm

picking pumpkins at Garson's Farm

Well we’re actually ahead of the game here as we’ve already done this! The other week, we had the loveliest Saturday morning trip to the PYO fields at Garson’s Farm. We all had such a fun time, although we could really have done with wearing more weather-appropriate clothing as we got covered in mud! So much fun πŸ˜€

2. Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows

I mean, pretty compulsory, right? Nuff said!

3. Visit Crockford Bridge Farm

halloween crockford bridge farm

We’ve visited here in October every year since the twiglets were born. They alwaysΒ  have such amazing pumpkin displays and Halloween activities, and I’m sure this year will be no different! Obviously we will be restricted to weekends or half-term, which is a bit of a pain as it gets really busy. But hopefully if we get there super early, it will be ok!

Find out about half-term activities at Crockford Bridge here.

halloween crockford bridge farm

4. Paint rainbow pumpkins

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I am so excited for this! Just need to get some paints and a couple of smallish pumpkins. I’m sure in reality it will be a complete nightmare and they’ll look completely crap but I can’t wait to try it! (They definitely won’t look like the photo above but hey ho!)

5. Do some leaf crafts

Despite being a primary school teacher, I am not the craftiest person! However, there are so many easy lovely activities to do in Autumn. Simply painting leaves is really easy, fun and effective. My lovely friend Katie from My Best Make wrote a lovely post on autumn leaf crafts for kids – you can read it here.

6. Go to Winkworth Arboretum

winkworth arboretum

This is another of our annual traditions. Winkworth Arboretum is just beautiful in Autumn and we have some lovely photos from previous years. And this year we’re National Trust members too yay! There is a half-term ‘Peculiar Pumpkins’ trail starting on Saturday 19th October too.

winkworth arboretum

7. Build a den

Always a winner, especially on rainy days! Build a den, get some snuggly blankets in and read some books or watch a film. Perfect πŸ™‚

8. Make some pumpkin recipes

I am determined this year not to waste the pumpkins we carve. Last year I made a stew or a soup (goldfish memory!) using a lot of the pumpkin insides, but we did still end up wasting quite a bit. The problem is, I’m actually not hugely keen on the taste, so anything like pumpkin pie is not really up my street! Ideas welcome of pumpkin recipes that don’t taste too much like pumpkin!

9. Collect conkers

We’ve already started this one too as we collected a few on a walk the other week. There’s something so satisfying about seeking out the nicest, shiniest ones. The twiglets play all sorts of games with them – usually just moving them all from one place to another around the house!

collecting conkers

10. Decorate biscuits

Another good old-fashioned rainy-day activity for over half term. I’ve seen a few Halloween kits in Waitrose and Aldi so will probably check those out.

Aaaand there we go. What’s on your Autumn to-do list with your little ones?

Thanks for reading!

Til next time,

Hannah xx

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