A Completely Pointless Comparison Between Teaching and Parenting

comparison between teaching and parenting

I’m a primary-school teacher and also a parent. It always amuses me to think about all the similarities between the two, and the differences as well. So I thought I’d just, completely pointlessly, summarise them for you in a little comparison between teaching and parenting πŸ™‚


  • You get whinged at all day.
  • You barely find time to have a wee.
  • You very rarely drink a hot cup of tea or coffee.
  • You feel like you’re never doing enough and could always be doing more or doing better.
  • You juggle a million things in your head at once.
  • You don’t often get thanked or appreciated for your hard work.
  • You feel super proud when a child achieves something and you know you enabled it to happen.
  • It’s bloody hard work but can be bloody amazing.


You might occasionally actually manage a lunch break in peace.You will share your lunch with your children, who have probably refused to eat their own.
When you lose patience, you might be a bit annoyed but it’s mostly just pretend to get the kids to behave.When you lose patience with your own kids, you feel the wrath of a thousand volcanoes and absolutely lose your shiz.
You can hand over the kids to someone else at the end of the day.You can never escape.
With a raft of behaviour management strategies up your sleeve, you might actually have some element of control with a class of 30 children. You will have zero control with your own kids. Zero.
You can’t go on holiday in termtime because of other people’s kids.You can’t go on holiday in termtime because of your own kids.
You have to be polite to other people’s children when they whinge about a hurty finger.You can tell your own children to stop being so bloody ridiculous, some people have real problems (ahem, if you want to, that is…)
You might feel a bit bad if you make a poor decision or haven’t spent as much time on preparation etc.ALL. THE. GUILT. FOR. EVERYTHING.
You have a boss to defer to if the sh*t hits the fan.You are the boss. You have to make the decisions.
You get good holidays.You get no holidays.
If by some miracle you do find time for a wee, you will be able to go by yourself.You will never wee unaccompanied or uninterrupted EVER.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed my little comparison between teaching and parenting πŸ˜€ Let me know if I missed anything!

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

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