Four Year Old Behaviour: The Struggle Is Real

four year old behaviour

So we’re just into week three of the summer holidays. It’s hard to admit but I have to be honest – I’m struggling a little. Recently I had really been feeling that things were getting easier in terms of parenting. Now I’m not so sure. Dealing with the behaviour of a four year old is no joke. And dealing with the behaviour of two of them at once is, erm, intense to say the least.

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Coma Gran, Majorca: Review

Coma Gran Majorca review

Hi there! I’ve had a few people asking on Instagram about our holiday to Majorca, in particular about the TUI hotel we stayed in. So I thought I’d write a review of the Coma Gran hotel in Sa Coma, Majorca. Hopefully it will offer some useful information about our experience of the hotel, and also of travelling with young children.

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