The Benefits Of Social Media

benefits of social media

Since the twiglets were born, I’ve been an avid social media user. Particularly of Instagram. Some people don’t understand why I use it as much as I do. And I probably am on my phone a bit too much sometimes if I’m honest. Also, the issue of posting public photos of the twiglets does concern me on occasions. (Although I am careful of what I post and will definitely stop if there comes a time when they tell me they’re not happy about it). But at the same time, Instagram has also been a real lifeline for me for several reasons. So I thought I’d share a few of the main benefits of social media for me personally.

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When Child Milestones Are Extra Bittersweet

bittersweet child milestones

The other day I started thinking about how as a parent, you just never know when the last time you’ll do something will be. And the fact is that if you have one child or multiples in one go, and you know you’re not having any more, those last times are even more poignant. Every last really is a last. In fact, every first is a last too. All those bittersweet child milestones are even more bittersweet when you’re only on this journey once.

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