Colourful Toilet Roll Crafts

colourful toilet roll crafts

If you’re looking for some simple but effective craft ideas, then look no further. You can’t get much easier than activities using the good old humble toilet roll πŸ™‚ So here are 30 colourful toilet roll crafts to try with your kids at home!

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Lockdown Life – Living Arrows 16/52 (2020)

lockdown life

So, another week of lockdown life. It was the second week of what would technically have been the Easter holidays for us. We pretty much did treat it as a holiday in the end and didn’t do much home learning at all. The twiglets coped better than expected with less structure, so I didn’t feel the need to do too much with them. Plus I couldn’t really be bothered to be quite honest!!

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Walking During Lockdown (The Ordinary Moments)

walking during lockdown

Since being on lockdown, I see so many people getting out religiously every day for a walk as their ‘daily exercise.’ But we haven’t been doing the same. We’ve been for a few walks here and there but by no means every day. Partly because I feel pretty anxious when we go out. The twiglets aren’t always the best listeners and I’m so nervous about them running off and getting too close to other people. Also, the weather has been lovely and we’re lucky to have a decent-sized garden, so we haven’t always felt the need to actually get out walking during lockdown. Plus we’ve had mixed success when we have been out. Sometimes the twigs are quite reluctant to walk as I think they’ve got so out of practice!

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The Best Craft Kits For Kids

best craft kits for kids

Fancy doing some crafting with your little ones, but short on time or can’t be bothered to traipse round the shops looking for different activities? You probably know by now that I am ALLLLL about ease and convenience when it comes to crafting! So here are some of the best craft kits you can buy to make things a little less painful! πŸ˜€

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Easter in Lockdown {The Ordinary Moments}

Easter in lockdown

It’s been a different Easter weekend to usual. Usually we’d have visited at least one National Trust property over the weekend. (And no doubt done one or more of their Easter Egg hunts. Think we did at least three last year!) We’d definitely have seen family and probably gone out for a meal at some point. But actually, despite being in lockdown and therefore a bit of an unusual one, we’ve actually had the loveliest Easter weekend.

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Easy Spring Craft Ideas

Easy spring craft ideas

Recently, I’ve been embracing crafting with my kids a little more than in the past. As I’ve said before, I’m not a natural crafter. But being stuck at home during lockdown and doing some home learning with the twiglets has encouraged me to crack out the crafts more often. I still look for simple ideas that are within my limited capabilities though! So in case anyone else is the same, I thought I’d make a list of easy spring craft ideas for you to try with your little ones!

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Rainbow Finger Paint Tree Craft

rainbow finger paint tree craft

This rainbow finger paint blossom tree craft activity is sooo simple! So I just thought I’d share, in case anyone was looking for a super easy finger painting activity to do with their little ones. It’s perfect for Spring crafting at home and not too messy either, compared to most painting activities!

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Home Learning – Living Arrows 13/52 (2020)

home learning

β€œYou are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

So last week was our second week of home learning. (I’m loathe to call it homeschooling – somehow I don’t feel it’s quite the same thing!) It’s still going really well. The twiglets’ behaviour is so much easier to manage when we have a bit of structure to our days. As a parent, I’ve never really been one for strict routines but right now it definitely feels right for us! H is so much more unsettled and difficult at the weekends when he has more freedom. I think I might have to keep it going through the Easter holidays at this rate!

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