Beautiful Family Photography in Surrey By Amelia Johnson

Family photography in Surrey with Amelia Johnson

The other week we were lucky enough to have a family photoshoot with local photographer Amelia Johnson. We were kindly gifted the shoot in exchange for some promotion on social media. But we had such a lovely time and I was so impressed that I thought I’d write a little review post on here too. Hopefully this may be useful for anyone looking for someone specialising in family photography in Surrey πŸ™‚

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Back To School Prep – Living Arrows 35/52 (2020)

back to school prep

After our little break away in Suffolk, we have had a really quiet week. We were all pretty exhausted. I think after lockdown and barely doing anything for months, it’s been a bit of a shock having such a busy summer! But one thing lockdown has taught me, is that actually we don’t need to be out and about all the time, and the twiglets can be perfectly contented just chilling out at home. We’ve also had plenty of back to school prep to be getting on with!

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What To Do On A Family Holiday in Suffolk

Family holiday in Suffolk

What with Covid-19 scuppering travel plans abroad, we, like many others, opted for a UK family holiday this year. Although we love Devon and Cornwall, we were a little worried about how busy lots of places seem to be. Plus we didn’t fancy a huge long car journey, given that the twigs are so unused to being in the car following lockdown. They literally moan and whinge after about half an hour! So we went for Suffolk instead, as it’s not too far from us in Surrey. I thought I’d write a bit about what we got up to on our little family holiday in Suffolk.

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