Twiglet Top Tips – Tots Tastes

This week’s Twiglet Top Tip is a fabulous little company based near me in Surrey called β€˜Tots Tastes.’
The lovely Caroline from Tots Tastes contacted me before Christmas to ask if we would like to try some of their meals. I freely admit I struggle to keep up with cooking for the twiglets – it seems neverending! Especially given that they can be fussy little buggers 😩 So needless to say I jumped at the chance 😁
Tots Tastes are a husband and wife team who are committed to producing healthy, fresh alternatives to commercially made toddler meals. Basically, all the benefits of lovely, home-cooked food without you actually having to cook it 🀣 Pretty perfect really! They use locally sourced produce where possible, with no chemicals or added salt, sugar or preservatives. You can choose from a selection of purees or meals, which come in single-serve portions and are all designed to be stored in the freezer and cooked from frozen in either the oven or microwave. I absolutely loved the ease and convenience of this 😁 They also offer β€˜Make Together’ kits which include all the ingredients you need to make pizzas, bake cookies or even make play dough! These will definitely be on my list to try when I make an order – I love the fact that everything you need is provided 😁 What you might find surprising is that the products are extremely competitively priced compared to supermarket brands, with the frozen meals all costing Β£2.25 or Β£2.50. And if you use code β€˜Jan40′ at checkout, you can get a whopping 40% off your order for the last few days of January (quick! ☺) They deliver to a wide range of locations in Surrey and Kent (check the website for further details), and delivery is free for orders over Β£20.
And most importantly of all, the twiglets LOVED the meals 😁 There’s a great variety on offer, from macaroni cheese, to chicken goujons and potato wedges, to curry.


2018-01-28 05.04.13 1.jpg

2018-01-28 05.04.13 2.jpg

I also loved the packaging – it’s super clear with the name of the dish and the ingredients on the side, plus a sticker saying β€˜Made by Mum’ or β€˜Made by Dad’ on the lid which I thought was such a sweet personal touch 😊

2018-01-28 04.38.08 1.jpg

Check out Tots Tastes’Β website to order some lovely meals for your little ones 😊And don’t forget to use code ‘Jan40’ if you order in the next few days 😁