Enjoying the Simple Things -Living Arrows 17/52 (2020)

enjoying the simple things

I’ve chosen this photo for this week’s Living Arrows linky because I just love how enjoying the simple things can make kids so happy sometimes. In this photo the twiglets are eating homemade banana muffins inside a den they built. This would make it sound like I’m completely smashing parenting during lockdown, right? I mean, how wholesome and lovely! In reality, the muffins were burnt to within an inch of their lives and the ‘den’ was literally just a throw draped over a few garden chairs, ready to collapse at any second!

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Lockdown Life – Living Arrows 16/52 (2020)

lockdown life

So, another week of lockdown life. It was the second week of what would technically have been the Easter holidays for us. We pretty much did treat it as a holiday in the end and didn’t do much home learning at all. The twiglets coped better than expected with less structure, so I didn’t feel the need to do too much with them. Plus I couldn’t really be bothered to be quite honest!!

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Walking During Lockdown (The Ordinary Moments)

walking during lockdown

Since being on lockdown, I see so many people getting out religiously every day for a walk as their ‘daily exercise.’ But we haven’t been doing the same. We’ve been for a few walks here and there but by no means every day. Partly because I feel pretty anxious when we go out. The twiglets aren’t always the best listeners and I’m so nervous about them running off and getting too close to other people. Also, the weather has been lovely and we’re lucky to have a decent-sized garden, so we haven’t always felt the need to actually get out walking during lockdown. Plus we’ve had mixed success when we have been out. Sometimes the twigs are quite reluctant to walk as I think they’ve got so out of practice!

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Easter in Lockdown {The Ordinary Moments}

Easter in lockdown

It’s been a different Easter weekend to usual. Usually we’d have visited at least one National Trust property over the weekend. (And no doubt done one or more of their Easter Egg hunts. Think we did at least three last year!) We’d definitely have seen family and probably gone out for a meal at some point. But actually, despite being in lockdown and therefore a bit of an unusual one, we’ve actually had the loveliest Easter weekend.

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