Annoying Things About Parenting During Lockdown

annoying things about parenting during lockdown

So I’ve shared a few pretty positive posts about lockdown recently. About how on the whole we’ve been quite enjoying it and how I believe that there will be good things to come from it. All of that still stands. But if you’ve followed me for a while, especially over on Instagram, you will know that I’m also partial to a rant. Even a whinge sometimes if you’re lucky. In fact, I actually think it’s healthy to have a good old moan every now and then. I always panic after posting anything moany as I’m so aware that there are people far worse off. But I still think everyone’s feelings are valid no matter what. Therefore, I am about to moan! Here are 7 annoying things about parenting during lockdown…

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Constant Whinging – Living Arrows 19/52 (2020)

constant whinging
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Week 5820193483 of lockdown and we are still mostly enjoying ourselves. We have been blessed with glorious weather again over the bank holiday weekend, which really does make such a huge difference. As I mentioned before, everything feels much harder when it’s grey and miserable outside! However, despite this, it is all starting to feel a bit Groundhog Day now, and the constant whinging from the twiglets is starting to get to me a bit!

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Feeling Like A Crap Parent

feeling like a crap parent
Image from Pixabay

Tonight I’m feeling like a crap parent. I mean, it’s not a one-off or anything – I quite often feel like a crap parent. As do most of us from time to time I’m sure! Usually it’s when I’ve properly lost it with one or both of the twiglets. And tonight I really lost it with C πŸ™

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