How My Parenting Standards Have Lowered Over Lockdown

how my parenting standards have lowered over lockdown

When I think back to the rosy first few days and weeks of lockdown, I remember the great intentions I had. I was going to smash home learning with the twiglets, I was going to get fit and healthy, I was going to relish all the lovely family time together… Fast forward to now and it’s fair to say things *may* have slipped just a little. So I thought I’d take a little tongue-in-cheek look at all the ways in which my parenting standards have lowered over lockdown. Enjoy!

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Struggling With Going Out As Lockdown Eases

Since the lockdown rules were relaxed slightly, we haven’t really changed what we’ve been doing all that much. Still staying at home the vast majority of the time and just heading out for the odd local walk. But a couple of times we have tried going a little further afield and travelling by car to go for a walk. And to be honest, both times I’ve just found it really stressful and anxiety-inducing. I wrote a post before about how I’m feeling anxious about lockdown ending. And as lockdown starts to ease, I feel like the thing I’m struggling with the most is going out.

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