Spending One On One Time With Twins

spending one on one time with twins

The other day I took H out by himself – just the two of us. And it was so lovely, it got me thinking. Spending one on one time with our twins has always been something we’ve struggled with. There are so many reasons why it only seems to ever happen very rarely. But it’s so nice when it does happen, and I also think it’s really important for children, particularly siblings and twins or multiples. So we’re determined to make sure one on one time with our twins happens more often!

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Feeling Like A Crap Parent

feeling like a crap parent

Tonight I’m feeling like a crap parent. I mean, it’s not a one-off or anything – I quite often feel like a crap parent. As do most of us from time to time I’m sure! Usually it’s when I’ve properly lost it with one or both of the twiglets. And tonight I really lost it with C πŸ™

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