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About Hannah and the Twiglets

Hannah And The Twiglets is a parenting and lifestyle blog all about being a first-time parent of twins. Including funny, honest observations on motherhood, ideas for easy crafts and family days out, and useful product and toy reviews.

About me

Hi! I’m Hannah, first-time mama of five-year-old twins H and C, aka the Twiglets. We live in Surrey, in the UK.

I’ve been a primary school teacher for about ten years, but had a four-year break after having my twins. During this time I was a stay-at-home mum. Now I’ve returned to teaching part-time, and am enjoying trying my hand at this blogging malarkey between school runs too!

I’m a big fan of sarcasm and try to see the funny side of things in life, especially parenting. I am partial to the occasional rant though! Also, I generally find that wine is the solution to most problems 🍷

Why Hannah And The Twiglets?

I started my blog when the twiglets were about two years old. Mainly because I love writing, and also because I really wanted an outlet. I was very active on my Instagram account (and still am!) but I wanted somewhere to write more in-depth about my observations on parenting. Especially parenting twins.

And as well as being an outlet for me, I also wanted to help other mums feel less alone when they were struggling with parenthood. It’s amazing but it can be bloody tough too, and pretty lonely at times!

And so Hannah And The Twiglets was born!

What is Hannah And The Twiglets about?

I write about a bit of everything on my blog really! From honest, funny tales of my twin parenting experiences, to ideas for days out with kids. I also blog about easy craft activities (emphasis very much on the easy part!) and write reviews of useful products and toys.

And be prepared for a LOT of rainbows! 😍🌈

If you’re a parent of twins, why not check out my post on the 10 things I didn’t know about twins until I had them 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my ramblings about motherhood, our adventures and everything in between 😁

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Hannah xx