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So I’ve shared a few pretty positive posts about lockdown recently. About how on the whole we’ve been quite enjoying it and how I believe that there will be good things to come from it. All of that still stands. But if you’ve followed me for a while, especially over on Instagram, you will know that I’m also partial to a rant. Even a whinge sometimes if you’re lucky. In fact, I actually think it’s healthy to have a good old moan every now and then. I always panic after posting anything moany as I’m so aware that there are people far worse off. But I still think everyone’s feelings are valid no matter what. Therefore, I am about to moan! Here are 7 annoying things about parenting during lockdown…

annoying things about parenting during lockdown

1. The snack demands NEVER stop

Literally never. I feel like I’m just a 24/7 snack b*tch. Not sure how many more times I can cope with hearing ‘Mummy can I have a snaaaaaaack?’ It’s like the soundtrack of my life at the moment!!

2. There’s no escape from the constant whinging

Oh the whinging! Dear God the whinging.

Usually for snacks (see number 1) or screens. I have taken to ignoring the twiglets if they ask for something in a whingy voice. (Obviously I have explained that to them – I don’t just randomly ignore my kids haha! Well only if they’re really being complete turdmonkeys!)

Having to listen to nonstop 24/7 whinging IN STEREO should definitely be used as a form of torture.

3. No lovely National Trust walks

Lockdown is basically like the summer holidays but without being able to shove the kids in the car and escape somewhere pretty for the day. It makes it much harder to distract the kids from whatever they’re whinging about that day! And I miss cheering myself up with a yummy coffee!

4. You can’t share the parenting with friends

Not being able to meet up with other mum friends for a coffee while the kids play/kill each other is HARD. Parenting is definitely much easier when you can parent in a team once in a while. Or at least just moan about the children anyway. Plus my two listen so much better to other kids’ mums than their own!

5. You are ALWAYS in demand

If your kids are anything like mine, they will have regressed massively and apparently lost any ability to do things independently they might have previously had. They’re sooo needy at the moment.

And they’ve also lost the ability to wait even two seconds for anything. If they want something, it has to be RIGHT THAT MINUTE otherwise whinging or even screaming ensues.

6. Food shopping costs a bloody fortune

Having kids at home all day every day means you are constantly preparing food. All those meals and endless snacks cost money. I swear our weekly food shop has practically doubled in price!

To be fair, the increased alcohol intake *may* be partly to blame…

*side note* Anyone else absolutely mortified putting their recycling out?!! The shaaaaame.

7. Bribery goes through the roof

I don’t know about anyone else but my parenting is pretty much entirely based on bribery these days. I mean, it was before to be fair. But now it seems to get my kids to do anything at all other than play on an ipad, I have to offer a reward for afterwards (often said ipad). Which I completely disagree with, but ya know, needs must.

8. Everyone else is doing it better

Comparison is a tw*t at the best of times. But during lockdown, we’re all on social media all the time. Cos let’s face it, we’ve got nothing better to do. And it makes it easier than ever to compare yourself with others.

You can see every other parent seemingly absolutely smashing juggling homeschooling, crafting, keeping the house clean, working from home, exercising etc etc. Meanwhile you’re sat rocking in a corner clutching a bottle of wine and a biscuit, becoming more like a whale by the minute, wondering why your kids seem like they’re set on finishing you off.

But just remember, we’re all doing our best

Obviously, these are all a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’m not really *completely* ungrateful for my kids, and am actually enjoying having all this extra time with them. That doesn’t mean it’s not intense and downright hard sometimes!! But we are all doing our best to get through these weird times. And a bit of humour always helps innit πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! What things are annoying you about parenting during lockdown?

Til next time,

Hannah xx

annoying things about parenting during lockdown
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  1. Haha YES to the regression and whining (“but I cannnnnn’tttt put my pants onnnnn”), bribery and food bill. In fact all of it hahaha! If it helps, I had a meltdown last week for not being “good enough” or “making family lockdown memories” etc etc, we all beat ourselves up for not being good enough.
    My biggest pet hate right now is people being so damn nasty to each other on social media too if they hold different opinions too – what happened to “be kind”?! Surely we are all getting through this however we can… we may all have different opinions but doesn’t justify being super mean!! I boycotted it for a while but then realised I needed human contact outside of my kitchen table big love to you. Miss your face and always stay awesome! X

    • Reply

      Oh so true love, some people have been so judgey about other people’s decisions on whether to send their kids back. Everyone has to do what’s right for their family! Have to say I have to make sure I don’t spend long on Twitter or I start getting stressed! Hope you guys are ok, miss you too! xx

  2. The food shopping IS costing a fortune. And I don’t understand it. I feed them when they’re at school too so why has it spiked so much?????#Dreamteam

    • Reply

      My two are Reception and were having free school lunches, plus my husband and me wouldn’t usually be home every day for lunches etc as well, so that’s partly why it’s all costing a lot more for us. I do think supermarket prices are higher atm though – less offers and things maybe? xx

  3. They never stop eating do they! I said to my two I’m going to lock the fridge to stop them if they don’t calm down. It does cost a fortune, way more than we usually spend.
    Yep! I am bribing my two too, especially my youngest to get her school work done. x

    • Reply

      Crazy isn’t it! Gosh I think it’s the only way sometimes. I keep reminding myself my two did used to listen to their teacher at least – it’s just me they won’t listen to haha! x

  4. Totally with you here. I can’t believe how much my 4 year old has eaten this morning he will have had the whole fruit bowl by the end of the day! Really miss playdates with my mummy friends too. #DreamTeam

    • Reply

      Haha omg yes fruit is the worst I think – we never manage to get enough in our weekly shop!! x

  5. I am finding the 24/7 parenting pretty exhausting, our recycling is more than embarrassing and I think the iPad is permanently attached to my daughter. Its one day at a time in our household … but thankfully I know at the back of my mind that this too shall pass. Hang in there mama x #AnythingGoes

    • Reply

      Haha glad it’s not just me! Yes so true, that’s why I try not to think too far ahead and just take one day at a time πŸ™‚ Stay safe! x

  6. I think I’m lucky having older kids. They pretty much look after themselves. Although my food bill has gotten higher having to buy lunches for them every day. I used to survive on a cheese sandwich but they have to have two cooked meals a day. Thankfully, they are not big on snacking, so long as we have plenty of crisps they are ok.

    • Reply

      Ah that’s good – my two, especially my boy, are snack machines haha! x

  7. I can totally relate to this post – particularly the food bills and the not being able to share parenting with friends.

    I’ve had a lot more baths during lockdown! Once my husband has finished work I escape with a book, it’s pretty much the only time I’m not ‘on call’ :o)


    • Reply

      Haha yes, good for you πŸ™‚ I’ve started running – that’s how desperate I’ve been for me time!!! (I am no runner haha!)

  8. I love this! I could have written it all myself. In fact I did write a similar post πŸ™‚ God the snacks and whinging. Help!!!

    • Reply

      Ahh did you, I guess we’re all going through similar sh*te haha! Thanks for commenting lovely πŸ™‚ Have a good week xx

    • Reply

      Haha yes it’s pretty intense! But a lot of fun too – and nice not to be rushing out the door every morning πŸ™‚ x

    • Reply

      Haha glad it’s not just me! πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Oh my goodness! All of these are exactly right. The constant whinging is the one that I’m finding the hardest to deal with. You are doing an amazing job! #StayClassyMama

    • Reply

      Aw thank you, you too! πŸ™‚ xx

  10. Haha!!! *snorts with laughter. I’m so glad to have read your post this evening. Like you, there are so many fantastic bonuses involved with the lockdown that we’ve been enjoying, but on the flip side, the other stuff can be really REALLY hard going. Loving your bribery bit – somehow everything all rolls back round to more screen time! lol. Thanks for bringing all the giggles to the #DreamTeamLinky xx

    • Reply

      Aww thank you for such a lovely comment – so glad my post gave you a giggle πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  11. So I asked one of my 5 year olds earlier what her twin sister had just said as I couldn’t hear her and she responded ‘I don’t know I don’t speak whinge’ That is my favourite phrase during lockdown and she quoted it back to me πŸ˜‰ #DreamTeamLinky

    • Reply

      Omg that is brilliant – I love it haha!!!! I’m going to use that! I didn’t realise our twins were so close in age – mine are nearly 5 too xx

    • Reply

      Thank you – it was from Paperchase πŸ™‚ xx

  12. Yup, the snacks, the whining, the food budget being maxed out, the never being alone, the not being able to go out. I hear you. It’s hard. But we aren’t doing a better job than you, I promise. I need a stiff gin most days by bedtime!
    Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama and hang in there!

    • Reply

      Haha yes same here, although wine (I’m like the only person in the world who can’t stand gin haha!) xx

  13. The snacking NEVER ENDS!!!!! I am finding it tricky trying to juggle childcare with working from home whilst my hubby hides in the garage for 8 hours a day to work in peace! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    • Reply

      Oh gosh that sounds difficult. I only work one day a week and it’s so hard to juggle – I really feel for those doing it every day! xx

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  15. I LOVE this post! I feel it deep in my soul because I have a full house of kids and like you said it’s Great to be positive but of course we are going to have our moments we need to rant! As a Mother of 4 kids at home 2 kids far from home (with their kids) I am feeling this quarantine life more and more and so are my babies but the only thing we can do is, our best. We have to do our best in being positive and our best in keeping occupied. Thanks for this post! Have a day as beautiful as you are.

    • Reply

      Ahh thanks for this lovely comment πŸ™‚ Aw your house sounds busy and fun – bet it’s so full of love πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a lovely week xx

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  18. I only have one child but everyone being at home is still driving me loopy!
    I work part time so usually when J is at school and my partner is at work that is my time to do chores, do my prep for work and have some peace and quiet!
    So my hates of lockdown….
    I have zero me time.
    I have more work prep (the joys of remote learning)
    I have a four yr old in constant demand for attention
    If I don’t give him attention he tells me how horrible his life is and how sad he is.
    Every time I clean or tidy a room it is messy or dirty within a minute.

    Gah!!!!!! I love then both dearly but can’t wait for everyone to go back to school and work!!!

    • Reply

      Can relate to a lot of this!! Especially the cleaning/tidying being undone in 5 seconds flat!! Hopefully we get a bit of normality back soon! x

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