Adjusting Back Into School Life – Living Arrows 37/52 (2020)

adjusting back into school life living arrows

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This past week has been mostly about the twiglets adjusting back into school life and settling into Year 1. We’ve taken it pretty easy the rest of the time really!

Back to school was a bit of a shock!

After such a long time of life being fairly quiet over lockdown, I imagine it’s a bit of a shock for kids going back to school! The twigs did get to go back for three weeks before the summer holidays. But it was only half days and they were in small bubbles of 9 kids.

So I’m sure the stimulation and noise and general carnage of being back in classes of 30 for full days must be a bit overwhelming! Plus, Year 1 is quite a hefty jump from Reception in terms of expectations, independence etc. The twiglets seem to be settling in really well though. They’re going in happily every morning and coming out full of beans at the end of the day.

Behaviour at home

However, we are having some issues with behaviour and extreme emotions at home. Even downright rudeness too to be honest πŸ™ I keep reminding myself that they’re tired and going through big changes and so on.

But it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes. Especially as I really want to enjoy our time together now that we have so much less of it. At the moment it’s just not always possible, but hopefully things will settle down soon.

Taking it easy

One of the things I learned from lockdown is that the twigs don’t need to be constantly entertained. I don’t feel that pressure I used to feel to make plans and get out of the house at every opportunity. They’re usually perfectly happy chilling at home or in the garden, and in fact I think at the moment they really need that downtime.

So we’ve been taking it pretty easy at the weekends and it’s been nice just to spend time together without rushing around. (When they’ve not been being complete toerags that is!)

We have been out for a couple of little walks though and the other weekend we had a lovely stroll in Bushy Park. The twigs tried out their new Frugi clothes – I could not possibly resist the rainbow dress of dreams for C! So this week’s Living Arrows photos are of them messing about and twirling in the park πŸ™‚

adjusting back into school life girl twirling in rainbow dress
Adjusting back into school life boy and girl playing

How is everyone else adjusting back into school life? Hope it’s all going smoothly!

Thanks for reading. Til next time,

Hannah xx

Living Arrows

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  1. I wish they made those dresses bigger! Glad to hear school is going well I don’t think you are alone with the behaviour. I forget how bag a jump it is from reception to Year 1. This first half term is always tricky x

    1. Haha same, would be amazing!! Yes, much higher expectations etc. Hopefully will settle down soon. Hope all going well for you guys x

  2. We had so many issues when ours were in the first years of school as they were just so tired all the time and not just bodily tired but brain tired. It was exhausting! This year has started pretty much the same but thankfully the tiredness has come out as mainly just lethargy and crying at times rather than rudeness this year x

    1. Aw did you?? That’s kind of reassuring tbh that it’s not just mine!! It must be such a big adjustment for them all, esp after lockdown and everything! Hopefully they’ll all get used to it soon xx

  3. I hear ya on the behaviour front. Mine are storing all their emotions up and throwing it at me! We are also trying our hardest to have quiet weekends although 2 days is just not long enough to recover x

    1. We always get the brunt of it don’t we! 2 days is definitely not long enough haha! Hopefully they will all settle down soon xx

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