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Hello! We all know holidays with toddlers are nothing like holidays used to be, more just a change of scenery! So I just thought I’d share a little list of a few light-hearted things I’ve learned about holidays with toddlers. Enjoy! 😊

holidays with toddlers
  1. If you’re going on holiday with toddlers, you will need another holiday afterwards to get over the holiday.
  2. You will spend the vast majority of your time applying suncream, reapplying suncream and worrying about whether the children are wearing enough suncream. You will more than likely forget to apply your own suncream and burn to a crisp.
  3. If staying in a family resort, allow an extra half an hour to walk anywhere as your kids will NEED to stop at every shop and look at all the colourful tat carefully placed right in the middle of the fricking pavement. By the last day of your holiday, you will most likely have caved into buying said colourful (and ridiculously overpriced 🙄) tat.
  4. You will not be doing any sunbathing. Unless there’s a kids club.
  5. Kids club is the best invention ever. Nuff said 👍🏻
  6. Your children will survive on a diet of pizza, chicken nuggets and chips, and spaghetti bolognese on rotation.
  7. Your children will demand ice cream multiple times a day and you will give it to them rather than face the battle that ensues if you don’t. You will then have to wean them off it when you get home like mini crack addicts.
  8. As much as the pre-kids you may have cringed to death at hotel evening entertainment, you will find yourself beaming with pride when your little darlings go and sit up at the front with the new friends they’ve made and dance along to Coco the Clown dicking about on stage. It also might give you an opportunity to drink a few Sangrias in peace and/or actually talk to your other half (😱)
  9. When you’ve been to the beach, your entire hotel room/apartment or whatever WILL be covered in sand, despite your best efforts at getting everyone to strip off on the balcony, get in the shower immediately and not touch anything. Just accept it – resistance is futile.
  10. Chub rub on sandy thighs is a B*TCH. (Not related to holidays with toddlers but a very important point to note! 😬)
Holidays with Toddlers

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed my observations about holidays with toddlers. Can you relate to any? Or are there any important things I missed? Let me know in the comments 😁

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx 

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