What To Do On A Family Holiday in Suffolk

Family holiday in Suffolk

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What with Covid-19 scuppering travel plans abroad, we, like many others, opted for a UK family holiday this year. Although we love Devon and Cornwall, we were a little worried about how busy lots of places seem to be. Plus we didn’t fancy a huge long car journey, given that the twigs are so unused to being in the car following lockdown. They literally moan and whinge after about half an hour! So we went for Suffolk instead, as it’s not too far from us in Surrey. I thought I’d write a bit about what we got up to on our little family holiday in Suffolk.

Where we stayed on our family holiday in Suffolk

air b'n'b stowmarket Suffolk family holiday

By the time we got round to booking our family holiday in Suffolk, the majority of places were booked up. Obviously everybody had had the same idea! πŸ™‚ But we managed to find a cottage on Air B’n’B which looked lovely. It was near Stowmarket. Ideally we’d have liked somewhere a bit nearer the coast but it was only about an hour or so’s drive.

The journey to our cottage was fine – no dramas and not toooo much moaning from the twiglets! When we arrived, there was a freshly baked Victoria sponge waiting for us, along with some bread, milk and local cheese in the fridge. Such a lovely touch!

The cottage was really sweet – quite small and rustic, but it had everything we needed. The twigs loved sleeping in bigger beds than they’re used to. There was also a little barn with a games room inside and lots of outdoor space to run around in.


Family holiday in Suffolk Southwold Beach

For our first day, we decided to visit the beach. It had been ages since we’d been to one so I was really keen to go and the twigs were super excited. I’d heard Southwold is a lovely beach for families to visit.

And indeed it is! Unfortunately we happened to have a bit of a disaster of a day though! I’ve written all about it in this post so I won’t go into it all again. Suffice to say, it was one of those days where every bloody thing goes wrong!

Nevertheless, Southwold was really lovely and the twigs had an amazing time on the beach. The ten or so minutes of pure joy they had splashing in the waves made all the crap worthwhile (well, almost!)

Just bear in mind if you visit that it can get extremely busy in the school holidays!


Family holiday in Suffolk Aldeburgh

We hadn’t intended to go to the coast every day, especially as we were an hour’s drive away. But the twigs loved the beach and the sea so much the day before that we decided to head out again, this time to explore Aldeburgh.

If you’re planning a family holiday in Suffolk, I think Aldeburgh is a must-visit! πŸ™‚ We really liked it.

It was much quieter than Southwold and far less stressful getting parked. For lunch, we found a little outdoor pizzeria that was part of the White Hart Inn. The wood-fired pizzas were all cooked fresh to order and were so tasty!

Pizzeria in Aldeburgh

I LOVED all the colourful buildings in Aldeburgh – right up my street, so to speak!! πŸ™‚

Colourful buildings in Aldeburgh

We spent quite a while on the beach. It was shingle, but the twigs didn’t care at all and spent ages happily making piles of pebbles. It was a VERY windy day and the waves were absolutely huge, so we didn’t let them paddle. (They were highly disappointed!) I found watching the waves very therapeutic though.

Huge waves at Aldeburgh Suffolk

Later we headed in search of ice cream, and came across Ives Ices on the High Street. There was a queue outside, as only one household was allowed inside the shop at a time (with face coverings). The ice cream was gorgeous and they even had rainbow sprinkles! πŸ™‚

Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in Aldeburgh Suffolk family holiday

Crabbing in Walberswick

Walberswick Beach family holiday in Suffolk

I’ve been wanting to try crabbing with the twiglets for a while now. And when I read that Walberswick is considered the UK crabbing capital, I felt we had to go!

We took a packed lunch as we had bread and cheese to use up, and ate it on the beach, which was lovely. Then we spent quite a while playing in the sand and paddling. It was another extremely windy day and the waves were pretty big so we stayed very shallow.

Boy crabbing in Walberswick

After that we headed over to the crabbing area. There was an ice cream van in the car park which sold crabbing gear along with ice cream. So we bought all the bits we needed – a net, a bucket, some bacon and a reel.

Crabbing was fun but there was a lot of patience involved! Especially for us as we were a bit unlucky. People around us seemed to be catching quite a few crabs but we got nothing!

H lost interest pretty quickly (waiting around is not his thing!) but he was quite happy sitting doing his little wordsearch book instead! C was a bit more determined to catch something and stayed involved. She loved throwing the line out with the mesh bag of bacon on the end.

girl throwing crabbing line in Walberswick

Thankfully, just as we were packing everything up to go, we had a change of luck! C had got bored and left her net propped up in the water with a bit of bacon in. And when the other half went to pick it up, he found that a little crab had crept inside! C was thrilled.

I would definitely recommend crabbing and we’ll be trying it again I’m sure. Just be prepared to exercise a bit of patience!

Crabbing in Walberswick

Jimmy’s Farm

On our last day, we packed up all our stuff and checked out of our Air B’n’B for 10am. We wanted to make the most of it so the other half had booked tickets to go to Jimmy’s Farm.

We had the BEST day here! It was thoroughly enjoyable and we were super impressed at everything on offer. You can read my full review here for lots more info and photos. But we loved it and felt very safe with all the measures in place too.

Twins at Jimmy's Farm on a family holiday in Suffolk

After Jimmy’s Farm, we drove into Colchester and had a cheeky Nando’s for dinner, then headed home.

We had such a lovely time on our family holiday in Suffolk – it’s such a beautiful part of the country to explore. Hopefully this post may have given you a few ideas. There are plenty more beautiful places we’d have loved to visit in Suffolk, such as Framlingham and Orford. But we only had four days – maybe next time!

Have you had a holiday in the UK this summer?

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

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