Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

gift ideas for preschoolers

I thought I’d share a few of the twiglets’ favourite toys at the moment – not sure if anyone will be remotely interested but I just figured there could be some useful ideas for anyone looking to buy birthday gifts (or Christmas gifts if you’re insanely organised 🤣) for 3- or 4-year olds 😊 So here we go with my gift ideas for preschoolers…

Dolls’ house

dolls house pic

We got the twiglets this dolls’ house from Aldi for Christmas. The furniture (an indoor and outdoor set) came separately. Now that their play is getting much more imaginative and in-depth, they are really loving playing with this and enjoy moving the little figures about and making them do different activities.



These were a Christmas gift from the twiglets’ aunty and they absolutely LOVE them and will sit and play with them for ages. I feel like they’re teaching them so much about 3D shapes and nets. I’m not sure exactly which set they have but it’s something like this – there are lots of stockists, including Amazon.

Construction Dinos

This Build-It Dinos kit is from John Lewis and is great for developing fine motor skills as the child has to use the screwdriver to attach the body parts together. You can buy it here

Memory Game


My mum got the twiglets this little memory game. I expected it to be too advanced for them but they actually grasped the idea of it way better than I thought they would! Basically you have a minute (or maybe 30 seconds, I can’t remember and I’m far too lazy to get up and fetch the box! 😂) to look at a picture and try to memorise the details then you hide it and answer a question. You can buy it on EBay here 😊

Wooden Dominoes


A simple one, but this huge set of colourful wooden dominoes is great for teaching patience and perseverance, as well as developing fine motor skills. The twigs love creating a big track then watching them all go! We bought this set from Aldi.

Pen Control Activities

pen control

The twiglets will be starting school in September and while I’m not going crazy trying to teach them loads of formal stuff at home (despite being a teacher!) I did buy these Usborne pen control books for them to practise their pen grip. They’re wipe-clean therefore fully reusable and the twigs really enjoy tracing the lines to draw different shapes. I bought ours from Two Little Monkeys Books, which is run by a friend who’s an independent Usborne seller. You can also find her on Instagram 😊

Another option for wipe-clean activities is these fab reusable mats from Little Boo Learning:

We don’t have these (yet) but we’ve had lots of their other products in the past (number-matching mats etc) and they’re great quality and so useful. You can view the wipe-clean mats on their website here or check them out on Instagram – @littleboolearning 😁

Puzzles, Sticker Books, Colouring Books, Story Books

A standard fave, but you can’t go wrong with a good old jigsaw puzzle. The ones we had previously were getting a bit basic for the twiglets so we updated with a couple of 50-piece ones – I can’t remember where they were from but I actually wouldn’t particularly recommend them as they’re quite flimsy so a few of the pieces have ripped. You can get fab ones from loads of places though – Amazon etc. Ravensburger is a good quality make.

Again, you also can’t go too far wrong with sticker, activity or colouring books – my two love all of that stuff now which is super useful for going out and about and keeping them occupied in cafes/restaurants etc. You can get some good cheapy ones in places like Poundland 😊

And of course, books books books! Reading is so important for children of all ages and unlocks the door to so many other skills. We try to read a mixture of books with the twigs – some with very simple words and sentences to encourage them to start recognising the letters and sounding out words and some that are probably too tricky. I don’t think that matters if they enjoy the story though – it’s all about fostering enjoyment 😊

Anyway, that’s about it from me! I hope that might have given you a few useful gift ideas for preschoolers. Obviously, there are squillions of other possibilities – these were just based on what the twiglets are really enjoying at the moment – but please do share any other ideas in the comments.

Til next time!

Hannah x

Note: None of these items were gifted or are adverts or anything – just toys which the twiglets love 😁

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