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Helloooo! I was tagged by Simone from Midlands Traveller to share my Covid-19 lockdown silver linings. I posted before about how on the whole we’ve been quite enjoying lockdown life as a family. But I think there are also wider benefits for society to come from being on lockdown too.

lockdown silver linings

1. Slower pace of life

I think a lot of us are really feeling the benefit of a slower pace of life right now. Society in general seems to always be in such a rush. There’s so much pressure, and so many demands on our time. It’s really nice to just slow down and be able to enjoy the small moments a bit more. Part of me is kind of dreading going back to the mad morning school run rush and all the usual time constraints.

lockdown silver linings

2. Decreased air pollution

It’s been shown that air pollution has drastically decreased across the world since lockdowns began. This may just be a temporary effect of course, but I would really love to hope that maybe we will see the errors of our ways and start to properly look after our planet better. I’m not sure how much I believe that will actually happen sadly, but it certainly shows us what could be done with a few lifestyle changes.

3. Valuing important members of society

It’s been so interesting that during this crisis, we have seen who the true heroes of society really are. I mean, a lot of people knew it anyway but in terms of pay and status and so on, they are not really recognised as such in society. I’m talking of course about all those who have been identified as keyworkers – NHS staff, care workers, delivery drivers, supermarket cashiers, even teachers (not biased, honest!) So basically, when the sh*t hits the fan, these are the kinds of people who, it turns out, really matter to keep things going. Not the bankers or the billionaires or the big business tycoons.

I would love to believe that maybe, just maybe, this could bring about some change in terms of fairer pay and more equality for jobs that have previously been perceived as ‘lesser’. Again, I’m sceptical. But we’ll see – hopefully I’ll be proved wrong!

4. An abundance of kindness

As much as we have all been distancing ourselves from each other physically, I feel that this pandemic has brought society as a whole closer together. Particularly communities. Lots of us are having far more contact (whether online or by phone) with neighbours. People are looking out for the elderly or more vulnerable members of their communities and going out of their way to offer help. There have been so many heartwarming examples in the media of people showing kindness to each other. I don’t think many of us would have been unmoved by war veteran Captain Tom Moore raising over 20 million pounds for NHS charities at the age of 99 🙂

lockdown silver linings
Image from Pixabay

5. Appreciating what we have

Being on lockdown has made lots of people, myself included, really appreciate what they have. Seeing so many people lose loved ones has made us less inclined to take things for granted. We really feel grateful for our families. It’s made us appreciate our houses, and gardens, if we have them. I also feel like it’s given me a new appreciation of nature too. I’ve always loved taking the twiglets for walks but now I appreciate being able to do that more than ever. Even if it is a little stressful trying to get them to listen and stay away from any people we might see!

beautiful pink blossom

So there we go! Lockdown can be tough at times, and obviously it’s far harder for some than others. But there is quite a lot for most of us to feel positive and hopeful about (when our kids aren’t driving us up the fricking wall that is!)

I’m tagging the following bloggers to take part and share their lockdown silver linings:

And thank you to Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy for starting off this tag 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx

Twin Mummy and Daddy


  1. Some really valid points Hannah. I am really appreciating our garden and outdoor space – so much easier when you have children.

    • Reply

      Oh gosh yes – it makes such a difference doesn’t it! Have a lovely weekend 🙂 x

  2. It has made some changes for good, I just hope that the good changes can continue. We certainly need to take better care of all our key workers. Without them we’d have had nothing. And it’s a big slap in the face to all of those unbelievers that we were destroying our planet when so much is reversed in so little time. Imagine the good we could do long term. All of your points are very valid.

    • Reply

      Yes all so true. I really hope the good changes can continue as well! Have a lovely day 🙂 x

  3. The gratitude has impacted me quite a lot. On tough days I have managed to turnaround my mood by thinking about how lucky we are and how much others are doing to allow us to stay safe. Thank you for tagging me. PS your blog is looking flipping amazing! xx

    • Reply

      Yes so true 🙂 No worries lovely 😀 And thank you – that means so much!! 🙂

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