My Twin Birth Story – Part 1Β – Labour

twin birth story labour

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So I thought I’d share my twin birth story. This is Part 1, all about induction and labour. You can read Part 2 which focuses on the delivery here πŸ™‚

twin birth story

Why am I sharing my twin birth story?

I had a traumatic birth.

To many others, it probably won’t sound that bad and in truth I know it could have been an awful lot worse! But for me it was traumatic.

I think afterwards, you’re so focused on the baby/babies (or in my case completely overwhelmed by them 🙈) that you just push the birth to the back of your mind and don’t really talk about it all that much. Also, when the outcome is basically amazing and you’ve been lucky enough to end up with healthy babies (especially for us, having twins who didn’t need time in the NICU or anything) you feel guilty and almost ashamed to admit just how much the birth affected you. I really do think that mine had a detrimental impact on how I bonded with the twiglets initially.

So I’m sharing this partly for my benefit as I want to write about it and think it will be helpful and cathartic. But also to encourage anyone else to try not to feel guilty for admitting that their birth was traumatic. And to also try to talk to someone properly about it if you can.


So anyway… my birth story (as much as I can remember – it’s all a bit hazy!) I was induced at 37+3 weeks pregnant.

I… Was… Huge. Seriously, a proper whale. I could hardly move. My pelvis was in agony. I had sharp pains down my leg from H resting on a nerve. My feet were so swollen they resembled Elephant Man… I could go on, for probably a very long time.

twin birth story
Me the day before giving birth to my twins

Don’t get me wrong, I loooved being pregnant. But the last two weeks were pretty hellish. Twin 1 (H) had been engaged for a while and we were on track for a natural birth as he was head down. (The consultant said it didn’t matter if Twin 2 was head down as they’d β€˜yank her out by a foot if need be’ 🤤)

So I was admitted to a room on the antenatal ward on Thursday 2nd July 2015 and given a pessary to hopefully start things off.

Early Labour

By the evening, I was in early labour although I didn’t really realise it immediately. I just remember being really restless and uncomfortable and feeling the need to keep moving all the time… Rocking around on a birth ball, swaying, getting onto all fours on the bed (not graceful when your bump is the size of China 😂)

twin birth story
Me in early labour with twins

Anyway fast forward a few hours and I was in quite a bit of pain. The worst part was the pain in my lower back which was constant and didn’t subside between contractions. I was allowed to have a bath on the birthing suite which was actually magical. I can totally see why people want to have water births – the pain-relieving power of warm water is crazy.

Having twins I’d accepted that things like that weren’t an option for me. I hadn’t even bothered to write a birth plan as I knew the likelihood was that it would be totally out of my control. I did know that I really wanted to experience labour and hopefully a natural delivery. However, I was quite prepared that it might not be possible as most twins I think are born by C-section. I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if it was the safest option. But as it’s likely to be the only time I give birth, I just wanted to experience it if possible.

Anyway, I stayed in that bath until I was a wrinkled prune and as soon as I eventually got out, the pain came flooding back.


The one thing I’d been adamant about on my non-existent birth plan was that I didn’t want to have the painkiller pethidine. So of course, I had pethidine 😂🙈 I think the reason for not wanting it was because it can cross over to the babies. But the midwives/nurses assured me it would be far enough in advance to be out of my system.

So I had it to enable me to get some sleep as there was no way that was happening otherwise with the constant back pain. I remember leaving it a bit late after I’d had it to go and brush my teeth, and feeling it kick in while I was still in the bathroom down the corridor. So I then staggered back down to my room feeling super dizzy and woozy which was kind of amusing.

Anyway I had a great sleep and woke up at 4.45am pissing myself 😂 Only it went on for a bit too long and didn’t seem to be stopping… I finally realised what was actually happening and got out of bed for it to continue on the floor 🙈

To be continued… 😊

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my twin birth story. Read Part 2 here.

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