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Hello! It’s super easy to find recipes for yummy rainbow sweet treats – there are so many fab ideas online! Check out my roundup of the best rainbow sweet recipes 🙂 But it’s much harder to find savoury rainbow recipes. And why shouldn’t savoury food be colourful and gorgeous too?! So I’ve gathered together a collection of 20 amazing rainbow savoury recipes for you to try 🙂

rainbow savoury recipes

1. Rainbow pizza

rainbow savoury pizza recipe

Rainbow cauliflower crust pizza from Gimme Delicious 🙂

2. Rainbow sushi

rainbow sushi

Rainbow sushi from The Indigo Kitchen 🙂

3. Rainbow spaghetti

rainbow savoury recipe

Rainbow spaghetti from 🙂

4. Rainbow pinwheels

rainbow savoury pinwheels recipe

Rainbow pinwheels from Dinner At The Zoo 🙂

5. Rainbow quinoa salad

rainbow quinoa salad

Rainbow quinoa salad from Chef de Home 🙂

6. Rainbow vegetable pie

rainbow vegetable pie recipe

Rainbow vegetable pie from Sainsbury’s 🙂

7. Rainbow sandwiches

rainbow veggie sandwiches

Rainbow sandwiches from From My Bowl 🙂

8. Rainbow slaw salad

rainbow slaw salad recipe

Rainbow slaw salad from 🙂

9. Roasted rainbow cauliflower 🙂

Roasted rainbow cauliflower from Last Ingredient 🙂

10. Rainbow chard wraps

rainbow savoury recipes

Rainbow chard wraps from Food 52 🙂

rainbow savoury recipes

11. Rainbow roasted vegetables

rainbow roasted vegetables

Rainbow roasted vegetables from Sweet and Savory Meals 🙂

12. Vegan rainbow lasagne

vegan rainbow lasagne

Vegan rainbow lasagne from Rainbow Nourishments 🙂

13. Rainbow chakra salad

rainbow chakra salad

Rainbow chakra salad from Well and Full 🙂

14. Rainbow bread

rainbow bread recipe

Rainbow bread from 🙂

15. Rainbow vegetable and pesto tart

rainbow vegetable and pesto tart

Rainbow vegetable and pesto tart from 🙂

16. Rainbow salmon skewers

rainbow salmon skewers

Rainbow salmon skewers from The View From Great Island 🙂

17. Rainbow Buddha bowl

rainbow buddha bowl

Rainbow Buddha bowl from Lidl 🙂

18. Rainbow cheese toastie

rainbow savoury recipes

Rainbow cheese toastie from The Spruce Eats 🙂

19. Rainbow bagels

rainbow bagels

Rainbow bagels from Momdot 🙂

20. Rainbow spring rolls

rainbow spring rolls

Rainbow spring rolls from Root and Revel 🙂

So there we go! I really hope you enjoyed this collection of rainbow savoury recipes 🙂 Let me know if you try any of them out for yourself. Happy colourful cooking!

Thanks so much for reading. Til next time,

Hannah xx

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rainbow savoury recipes

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  1. These are so fun! I love the look of the rainbow pizza, although I’m not sure I could get my daughter to eat it. We make rainbow roast vegetables about once a week (but hadn’t realised what we were doing) – its a great way to eat lots of veg. #AnythingGoes

    • Reply

      Yes definitely – love roasted veg 🙂 Haha no not sure mine would either – depends what mood they were in haha!

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