Dressing Kids in Rainbows 🌈

dressing kids in rainbows

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A fact you may well already know about me: I love rainbows. I love wearing them myself and I love dressing my kids in them 😁🌈 Recently I’ve had a few people ask me: ‘But what are you going to do if they turn around to you one day and say they don’t want to wear rainbows any more?!’ Well… not dress them in them anymore obvs 😂 But here is why, for now, I love dressing my kids in rainbows…

dressing kids in rainbows

They love rainbows too!

The fact is, at the moment, the twiglets love rainbows too! And they’re really proud of their brightly coloured clothes. They don’t mind matching with each other – in fact they love it. I’m fully anticipating that one day, maybe not too far in the distant future, they will most probably say ‘right enough’s enough Mum.’ And when that time comes, obviously I will respect their wishes (begrudgingly 😂).

dressing kids in rainbows

They stand out anyway

I have to say though, I do worry a little bit about whether I’m making them stand out too much. I mean, when we go out, they can attract a fair amount of attention anyway, just by being twins.

You would not believe, unless you have twins yourself, the fascination that people have with them. Especially baby ones. Oh my goodness, you can’t make it round the supermarket without being stopped and asked questions at least 10 times! I’ve never minded this to be fair. In fact I think it’s really sweet that people are so interested.

dressing kids in rainbows

I’m so proud of having twins and I really hope the twigs are proud of it too as they grow up. As it’s such a special thing. The attention when out in public tends to be less these days – they’re older and not as cute now 😫🤣 Plus there’s such a height difference now that people often don’t even realise they’re twins anymore.

But their clothes still attract a lot of attention. If I put them in coordinated colourful outfits, people often stop to comment on how cute they look. Especially when they wear their matching rainbow coats from Jojo Maman Bebe. (They are pretty amazing coats to be fair!)

mum and colourful twins

But the twiglets never seem to mind. In fact, they’re usually running around being completely feral, noisy and bonkers anyway! So even if they were dressed in black, brown and grey, I somehow doubt they’d shrink into the background without being noticed 🙈😂

They bring joy

Also, I do love the joy they bring to others. I know that sounds cheeeeeeesy af (may have just been a little bit sick in my own mouth 🤣) But I couldn’t count the amount of times the sight of them has brought a smile to someone’s face as they walk past. It’s so lovely to see that something as simple as two cheerily-dressed twins bumbling along together can bring a bit of happiness to someone’s day, and I love that. And the fact that they’re crazy little characters who will willingly chat random sh*t to anyone who’ll listen, helps too! 😂

So, all the while it makes them and me and other random people happy, I’ll continue dressing my lil twigs (and myself!) in rainbows and bright colours for as long as I can 😁👍🏻 Do you like dressing your kids in rainbows?

mum and twins in cherry blossom

Thanks for reading. Til next time!

Hannah xx

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dressing kids in rainbows

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