Adventure Belt – Toddler Reins Review

Adventure Belt toddler reins review

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Helloooo! This post is all about a lovely company based in Scotland called ‘More 2 Explore.’ We were kindly sent their awesome product, the Adventure Belt, to try. It’s an ingenious hands-free version of traditional toddler reins. So here is my review of Adventure Belt toddler reins – enjoy!

Adventure Belt toddler reins review
Using the Adventure Belt toddler reins

How do Adventure Belt toddler reins work?

The Adventure Belt comprises a pouch attached to a belt which is worn by the child and is fully adjustable around their waist. I really like the fact that the buckle is childproof. Undoing it requires a button to be pushed at the same time as squeezing the sides, which means the child can’t undo it themselves. The adult then wears a simple, plain belt. The adult and child belts can be attached together with an elasticated bungee strap which clips onto each one (again with a childproof buckle so the child can’t detach themselves).

I love the bungee feature. It’s adjustable so you can choose how far your child can walk away from you. This gives them more independence whilst still keeping them safe and close. It also avoids the ‘straining at the leash’ which we would sometimes have with our backpack reins when H would get particularly impatient. To attach another child, they have a belt and pouch too, and the adult simply wears a second belt.

Adventure Belt toddler reins review
Shopping using Adventure Belt toddler reins

The main difference between the Adventure Belt and other types of toddler reins is that it leaves your hands free which is so so useful, particularly if you have more than one child.

Shopping with twins and the Adventure Belt
Shopping with twins and the Adventure Belt

Kids love the pouch!

Also, there is a range of fun pouch designs and colours to choose from, including camouflage and animals such as a panda and tiger. The child can store small items in the pouch which really gives them a sense of ownership. Even when they don’t need to be attached to me, the twiglets often ask to wear their panda belts. They love collecting and storing little treasures on our walks.

Adventure Belt toddler reins
twins sharing
Adventure Belt pouch
Adventure Belt pouch

Would we recommend Adventure Belt toddler reins?

I think this product is such a fantastic, innovative alternative to traditional toddler reins, particularly for families with multiples. As we were walking around the shopping centre taking photographs, I heard a dad with twins say ‘oh wow, look at that – how amazing!’ And I genuinely think it is 😊

The belts are designed for 2-5 year olds but have been tested and sized for up to age 8. The Adventure Belt is perfect for use in busy, crowded situations.

One of my biggest anxieties when out and about with the twiglets is the thought of losing one of them. Particularly as H is a runner and liable to bolt at any opportunity! Having them attached to me is such a weight off my mind and makes it much easier to go out without a pushchair, especially as I have my hands free to juggle bags etc.

I would definitely highly recommend it as a convenient, hands-free alternative to reins 😁

Adventure Belt toddler reins

I hope this review was helpful if you’re considering buying some toddler reins for your little one. Check out the Adventure Belt on *Amazon to purchase or find out more 😊

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

NOTE: We were gifted this item in exchange for some photos of the product – I was under no obligation to write a review but wanted to because it’s bloody awesome 😊 All views are my own 😁

Adventure Belt toddler reins review

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