Bopster Children’s Luggage Review

Bopster children's luggage review

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Today I’m going to share with you a lovely company called Bopster. Recently, we were really lucky to be sent some Bopster children’s luggage to review. We were already big fans of this brand so I was chuffed when they contacted me to ask if we would like to try out some of their range 😊

Bopster children's luggage review

Bopster balance bikes

Bopster balance bikes

For Christmas 2017, a good friend bought the twiglets some balance bikes from Bopster. They were wooden which I loved, and the designs were really colourful. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know we’re just a little bit rainbow-obsessed! 😁🌈

Anyway, the bike frames were lightweight and easy to steer. A few friends found that their little ones really struggled with heavier balance bikes, but these were perfect 😁 The twigs did so well with them! Of course they were as wobbly as a couple of drunk geriatrics to begin with. But they improved so quickly and it’s worked absolute wonders for their balance. They’re actual speed demons on them now – so confident 😊

Bopster balance bikes
Bopster balance bikes

About Bopster

Bopster is a UK company based in Dulwich, London who produce a wide range of ride-on toys, balance bikes/trikes, scooters etc, as well as fitness and leisure items. This includes their Boppi Tiny Trekker luggage range for children.

About Bopster Tiny Trekker children’s luggage

Bopster very kindly sent the twiglets a pull-along suitcase, backpack and keychain pouch each 😍 All of the items, just like the bikes, are excellent quality – really well-made and durable. I love all the bright colourful designs to choose from 😁

Bopster Tiny Trekker children's luggage review

The luggage cases are lightweight (1.5kg) but sturdy. They have elasticated packing straps inside and an extendable pull handle with two different height adjustments. They would fit as cabin baggage on an aeroplane and will be perfect for when we go on holiday 😊

Bopster children's luggage review
Bopster Tiny Trekker children's luggage review

The backpacks are super cute and have the same robust outer casing as the luggage, making them really hardwearing. They have a detachable 1-metre walking strap which is useful if you’re somewhere busy and need to keep a hold of your little one safely. Inside there’s an elasticated mesh pocket and a valuables pouch.

Bopster Tiny Trekker luggage

The little keychain pouches are also really sweet. They have a retractable pull cord and clip attachment, and can be easily attached to belts, bags, luggage cases, etc – perfect for items like badges, small toys, pebbles and all the other crap small children like to carry around 🤣

Where to buy Bopster Tiny Trekker children’s luggage

You can find the Bopster Tiny Trekker children’s luggage range here.

Check out the rest of Bopster’s products on their website or find them on Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this review of Bopster children’s luggage was useful πŸ™‚

Til next time,

Hannah xx

NOTE – We were kindly gifted two sets of Bopster children’s luggage to review. The balance bikes were bought for us by a friend 😁 All opinions are honest and my own 😊✌🏻

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