Ten Things I Learned From My Kids’ First Term Of School

first term of school

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The twiglets have completed their first full term of primary school now and are already nearly halfway through their second. It’s been a big change and a learning curve for all of us. I’ve been reflecting on their first term of school and thought I’d just share some of the things I’ve learned so far.

  1. Even if it is a bright, sunny, beautiful day, it will inexplicably start p*ssing it down at approximately 2.45pm. Every day.
  2. Class Whatsapp groups are a blessing and a curse. They’re very useful for all the information and reminders you get, but also a massive pain in the a*se because of all the information and reminders you get! And when you have siblings in different classes and more than one of the bloody things to keep up with, well good luck with that!
  3. There is more admin than you could believe possible. Schoolmin has taken over my life – I need a PA to keep up with it all. Bring a pound on this day and wear a splash of yellow, bring a bottle on this day and wear mufti, bring in your own kidney on this day and wear the colours of the Tajikistan flag along with a headdress in the shape of your favourite children’s book character… It’s flipping relentless.
  4. Time goes really bloody fast. I mean, I know it goes on fast forward as soon as you have kids anyway, but I swear they just started school then I blinked and it was Christmas…
  5. You will attend birthday parties every weekend – at least it will feel that way! It seems to be the norm (at least in our school) for most children in Reception to invite the entire class to their parties, which is very lovely of course πŸ˜€ But having two kids in different classes, it does feel like our entire weekend is spent ferrying children to parties! My diary has never been so full!
  6. If you’re anything like me (ie a socially awkward t*t) you will feel like you’re back at school yourself, standing in the playground trying to pluck up the courage to talk to a mum you don’t know and hoping you don’t get rejected!
  7. You won’t have a clue what the kids get up to all day. I mean, having two of them means I can sometimes just about piece together between them some of what they’ve done. But generally I just hear random bits and bobs of information and have to guess the rest! Or the classic ‘Fine. Nothing.’
  8. Even when you think you have plenty of time in the morning, you will still somehow end up in a massive rush trying to herd everyone out the door. Never. Get. Complacent.
  9. If you’re able/willing/crazy enough to go in and help with reading, swimming or any of that stuff, just be warned: it’s painful. You will need wine afterwards.
  10. Kids inexplicably go deaf when you ask them to put their shoes on in the morning. Sometimes they’ll even say all innocently: ‘Mummy why are you shouting?’ ‘BECAUSE THIS IS THE 457TH TIME I’VE ASKED YOU TO GET YOUR BLOODY SHOES ON, THAT’S WHY!’
first term of school

Can you relate to these? What did you learn in your kids’ first term of school?

Thanks for reading!

Hannah xx

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  1. These are the things that I’ve learnt:
    1) There are not enough snacks stocked in the supermarket to satisfy a hangry reception child in the time between finishing school and having their tea.
    2) Attitude – my little girl has developed attitude and sass I wasn’t expecting to see for another 8 years……..I’m not looking forward to her teen years.

    1. Omg yes the snacks, how could I forget that one πŸ˜€ And the sassy girl attitude too!

  2. Oh Hannah! I am on the same paige…. is good to know that is not only me how is feeling stressed with their school, thank you for sharing this. Xx

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