Accepting Your Mum Tum

accepting your mum tum

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After having a baby (or two!), your body will be different. And for a lot of women, they may well find their body is different forever. Many women will never go back to their pre-baby body, never mind ‘snapping back’ to it straight afterwards, as there seems to be so much pressure to do! But it can be quite hard to accept this. Like lots of others, I find myself having a big ‘mum tum’ now! So how do you go about accepting your mum tum?

embracing your mum tum

This morning, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I had a wardrobe clear-out… Yes, that really is the extent of the excitement of my life 😂 But it actually was kind of a big deal…


Before I got pregnant, I was quite slim with a fairly flat stomach and usually used to wear tight-fitting tops. Being pregnant with the twiglets (or ‘bubbingtons’ as they were then known 😂), I put on over four stone and my stomach became stretched beyond all recognition.

So much so that just before I had them at 37+4 weeks, I swear the skin was practically transparent 🙊 This actually didn’t bother me in the slightest. I loooooooved being pregnant. I adored having a bump and had never felt more confident and happy with my body.

In all honesty, I actually felt proud at having put so much weight on. It wasn’t because I was unhealthy – it really was (mostly 😉) all babies! (They were 7.5 and 5.9 lbs when they were born so there was a lot of baby in there!) And I was just so happy that my body managed to carry them and keep them safe and provided for as long as it did 😊

Don’t get me wrong, by the last two weeks, when I resembled a whale and could barely haul myself off the sofa and my ankles were about as big as my thighs, I wasn’t loving it quuuite as much 😉

Having a mum tum

But anyway, my point is that clearly after that sheer amount of stretching, my stomach was never going to pop back into its old shape 🙊 And it didn’t, by any means.

The twiglets are very nearly two now and I still have a big old saggy stretchmarked ‘mum tum’ or ‘jelly belly’ or whatever you want to call it. Again, this doesn’t actually bother me too much at all. If it did, I might have stepped away from the cake and started doing some proper exercise by now!
I still can’t believe I had the guts to post this on Instagram!

Sorting out my wardrobe

But every time I go into my wardrobe or drawers, I’m faced with a load of clothes that I either can’t even get into or no longer feel comfortable wearing. And although I don’t find that depressing exactly, it is a little frustrating.

If I was to attempt to squeeze myself into one of my old skinny tops, I would a) feel extremely self-conscious and b) be faced with endless ‘ooh when’s number 3 due?’ questions 🙈 As I’m still relatively slim (nowhere near what I used to be, thanks cake! 😂) but with a big tummy, I do look about six months pregnant if I don’t choose my tops carefully.

I’d kept everything, thinking ‘oh I’ll fit back into them one day’ but two years down the line I’m not sure I ever will. And actually I’m not sure if I’d even want to. I think my style has changed. I’ve moved on from wearing tight figure-hugging clothes and am happier in baggier, more flowing things that are more flattering on my current figure.

So I went through my wardrobe, being very ruthless, and now have a huge bag of tops, jeans etc for the charity shop. And a wardrobe of clothes which actually fit me and that I’m comfortable in! (And a sh*tload of spare coat-hangers – anyone else get absolutely enraged by coat-hangers?! Argh, the way they attach themselves to each other 😡😡😡😡 Sorry, I digress 🙊🙈)

Accepting your mum tum

It sounds silly but the clearing out was sooo therapeutic! It feels a bit like a weight has lifted somehow, as if I’ve fully accepted that my figure has changed but that, for now at least, that’s ok. Maybe that will change in the future and it will start to bother me more. And if/when it does, I’ll hopefully get off my butt and start trying to do something about it if that’s the right thing for me at that time.

For now though, while I’m lucky enough to still be at home with my amazing bubbas, still getting sod-all sleep (seriously, are these kids ever gonna sleep?!) dealing with terrible twos twice over and therefore needing allll the cake and wine, I think it’s all good.

Also, the twiglets couldn’t give a crap how squishy my tummy is (in fact, I think they quite like it 🙊😂) So why should I? I want to be a positive role model for them and teach them to be confident with their bodies and love any imperfections they have or think they have. So really it would be rude if I didn’t do the same for myself. Maybe ‘loving’ is a bit strong but I’m certainly accepting my mum tum πŸ™‚ How do you feel about your post-baby body?

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

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