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For the past six or so months, I’ve been using the Fiit app to do workouts at home. And I’m loving it! Which has come as a pretty big surprise to be quite honest! So I just thought I’d write a little review of the Fiit app and share my experience, in case anyone might be looking for an easy way to get fitter and healthier themselves.

My exercise history

Firstly, let me just start this Fiit app review by saying I am NOT someone who ever thought they’d do home workouts! The idea of squats and lunges used to be just… appalling to me, quite frankly – I couldn’t think of anything worse!!

Years ago I used to run a bit. But I was always very slow and my stamina was pretty sh*t so I was never particularly good at it. And I found it really hard to motivate myself to get out for a run. Probably because I just didn’t really enjoy it all that much!!

Dancing is really the only exercise I’ve ever actually enjoyed. A few years ago I used to do a jazz dance class as well as Zumba. And I loved them!

After having the twigs, I didn’t exercise much at all. I think a lot of it was to do with the sleep deprivation. I felt SOOO tired all the time and just wanted to consume copious amounts of sugar and caffeine! Exercise was the last thing on my mind. (Although it probably would have helped me feel better ironically!)

And that went on for years – I mean, they still don’t sleep through most nights even now!! (It’s NOTHING like it used to be though, thank Christ!)

Also it’s only recently that I’ve started to prioritise myself again a bit more. Before that I very much put the twigs’ needs above my own all the time and just didn’t really take much, if any, time for myself. Now that they’re at school, I’m starting to try to value myself more again and recognise that I need to look after myself better.

So how did I find out about the Fiit app?

As I mentioned, I’d never really been interested in home workouts – I just thought they weren’t for me and dismissed them.

Then lockdown 1.0 came along! As part of our home learning, we started doing Joe Wicks PE workouts. I mean, we didn’t last that long doing them – let’s be honest!! But that was more because the twigs weren’t that interested – I quite enjoyed them.

Then in the depths of lockdown, when I was just desperate for a bit of time to myself, I actually rediscovered running! (Yeah, I mean I was reeeeeally desperate to escape, clearly!!) I could only run for about 20 minutes, and veeeeery slowly, but I found myself quite enjoying the buzz I got afterwards, something I’d completely forgotten about.

Unfortunately, my old-lady knees had other ideas and soon scuppered my blossoming running career (HAHA!)

And that is where the Fiit app came in… A friend shared on her Instagram that she had been trying it out and really loved it. (She’s a nurse and during lockdown they were doing free membership for NHS keyworkers, which was pretty cool). So I figured I might just give it a go myself.

Locket Loves leggings Fiit app review

What is Fiit?

Fiit is a comprehensive fitness app for home workouts.

There are three ‘studios’ on the Fiit app – cardio, strength and rebalance. Each has hundreds of different classes. There are 10, 25 and 40 minute classes ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. You can save classes to your favourites so you can easily find and revisit them.

There are lots of different trainers so you can find the ones best suited to you. To be honest, I haven’t yet found a trainer I don’t like! They’re all so enthusiastic and motivating – you genuinely do feel like they’re almost in the room with you cheering you on!

Some classes require equipment, such as dumbbells, resistance bands etc. But there are loads that don’t, and plenty of the strength classes just use bodyweight. I don’t have any equipment at all as yet, other than a slightly rubbish mat and my tracker (see below!) Oh and a couple of pairs of Locket Loves leggings, which I love!

Heart rate tracking

If you use a compatible heart rate tracker, you can also earn Fiit points. This is another great way to increase motivation. When you retake a class, you can compare to your previous score and track your progress. Using a device means you can also track your calorie burn too.

You can buy the Wahoo X tracker directly from Fiit, or the cheaper version (which I have). This doesn’t track reps though, meaning you don’t earn Fiit points on any Strength classes. I’m much more about the cardio so I’m not too bothered about that for now.

Lots of other trackers are also compatible; Fitbit, Apple Watch etc.

Fiit review

Training plans

One of my favourite aspects of Fiit is that there are a variety of training plans you can follow, based on your goals and what you want to achieve. The plans are different lengths, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. You can choose your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced. It’s great for keeping you on track as the plan will give you around 4 classes to complete each week, a balance from each of the three studios.


Another thing I love is that there are regular extra challenges set by Fiit to help keep you on track and motivated.

At the moment for example, I’m doing the Winter Burrrn challenge, which involves doing 90 classes in 90 days. These can be done whenever and however you like. Rebalance and even 10 minute classes count, for if you need rest days etc. There are prize draws for those who complete the challenges.

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Fiit Club live classes

Another amazing feature of the Fiit app is the Fiit Club live classes. These are really motivating, and according to Fiit, most users push themselves on average 22% harder in a live class.

Each day there is a schedule of classes every half hour. You just sign up to join a class and then you can work out alongside others. You don’t actually see anyone else ( and more importantly no-one sees you!) But there is a live leaderboard which you climb based on the Fiit points you earn.

Fiit points are based on effort which means it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is; you can still compete.

I really enjoy the Fiit Club classes. They certainly make me work harder and it’s fun having a little element of competition involved.

How I’m feeling since I started using the Fiit app

Now I’m by no means a fitness blogger (CAN YOU IMAGINE!!) and I never actually set out to document my ‘fitness journey’ or anything. So I don’t have any before and after pics – not my jam I’m afraid!

BUT what I can tell you is that since I started using the Fiit app, I feel so much better. When I first started, I struggled to do any moves on the floor. Burpees (even walking ones!) were basically impossible for me! Now I can do half ones – yay 🙂 I mean, full chest to floor ones are still a pipe dream but hey ho!

And I just feel like my general mobility has vastly improved. Getting up and down from the floor is way less of a struggle and I feel much less like a beached whale trying to do it! And there are plenty of moves (hello mountain climbers!) which I physically couldn’t even attempt at the beginning, that now feel way more manageable.

Weight loss isn’t everything!

One thing I’ve realised is that scales are really not my friend. In terms of weight loss, I’ve not lost a huge amount. Almost a stone in about 6 months (that’s without changing diet or anything.)

But I actually DON’T CARE. I didn’t start this specifically to lose weight anyway, but I definitely feel like my mum tum has got smaller. And I generally feel stronger and more toned, which to me is far more important than the numbers on the scales.

Also, when I went back to my Zumba class after lockdown, I noticed a marked improvement in my fitness level. Previously, there would usually be a point in the class that I would feel really properly knackered and have to take it a bit easy. Now I feel like I can give it my all the whole way through the class, which is just amazing! I even sometimes come home and do a Fiit class afterwards! (I know, who even am I?!)

Probably more importantly than anything else, using the Fiit app has been amazing for my mental health. Now that we are in Lockdown 3, and especially having had to self-isolate for 10 days recently, Fiit has been a lifesaver. It’s given me an outlet – an opportunity to release tension and frustration and a way of producing some much-needed endorphins. It’s also something that’s just for me and it feels great to prioritise myself occasionally 🙂

Fiit app review – my conclusion

Well basically my conclusion is that I LOVE FIIT! 🙂

I mean genuinely. I never stick to anything exercise-wise, yet it’s been a good six months and I’m still feeling really motivated to work out.

Just to be clear, this post isn’t an ad or anything. I’ve just found Fiit to be honestly quite life-changing for me. I think that’s all down to the way the Fiit app is set up, and all the little motivational extras there are.

I love that there is so much variety and so many new things to try. Following the training plans has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try more strength classes. I’ve also discovered a love of yoga and rebalance classes, which has been really great for my mental health as well as my mobility.

Signing up to Fiit

If you fancy giving Fiit a try, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to see if it’s for you.

After that, it costs ÂĢ120 for 12 months if you pay yearly, or a bit more depending if you pay quarterly or monthly. Personally I think that’s really reasonable given what’s on offer 🙂

I hope this review of the Fiit app has been useful. If you’re thinking about trying Fiit, I would say definitely go for it!

Thanks so much for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

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Fiit app review

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  1. Happy you have found something that you enjoy doing. I love your leggings! I’d smile just putting those on. I walk every evening – I’m not a runner. I haven’t lost any weight but I do feel fitter! #MMBC

    • Reply

      Haha they’re awesome aren’t they? Definitely help to raise motivation! I haven’t lost much weight either but feeling fitter is great 🙂 x

  2. You sound like me – I havew always loved dancing. Dancing and walks are my exercise of choice. App sounds interesting! #MMBC

    • Reply

      Ah fab, dancing is so much fun 🙂 x

    • Reply

      Ooh yes do, I’ve found it so motivating 🙂

  3. It is so important to try to keep fit and healthy in lockdown. I tried jogging to Wii Fit in front of the telly with my son but my ankles hurt! Jo Wickes required too much room for our lounge. I was so pleased when the gym reopened, but now that it has closed again I need inspiration. I will be checking this app out! #MischiefAndMemories

    • Reply

      Haha don’t get me wrong, I’m drinking all the wine and eating all the chocolate as well so not being super healthy! But at least just feeling fitter 🙂 I love the Fiit app, it’s really motivated me 🙂

  4. Shelley Whittaker Reply

    I haven’t heard of this app but it sounds great. My Pilates classes moved to Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic, so they have been keeping me sane and fit. I also try to escape for a brisk walk on my own whenever I can and listen to my favorite podcasts – it does wonders for my mental state! Keep up the good work x #KCACOLS

    • Reply

      Ah glad you have your Pilates – makes such a difference having something like that to focus on 🙂 I definitely need to try to get out for walks on my own more – hard to find the time with my two at home all day and the other half working though! xx

  5. I really need to find the motivation to exercise. Since going gluten free in March (coeliac disease I’ve piled almost 2 stone on! I think it’s just my body being able to absorb things now, and that includes fat and sugar as well vitamins and minerals #KCACOLS

    • Reply

      Ah don’t be hard on yourself, tricky when things are out of your control xx

  6. The app sounds like the perfect motivational tool especially during lockdown. I too love the competivite aspect of doing classes, I will be checking this out x x #MischiefAndMemories

    • Reply

      Fab, hope you like it 🙂 xx

  7. Well done you! I don’t think I’ve heard about this app before. It sounds quite motivational. We bought the Nintendo switch fitness ring in the 1st lockdown. We haven’t used it much over the last few months, but that’s been something fun that everyone has got into. Thank you for joining us for #MischiefAndMemories xx

    • Reply

      I’ve been really enjoying it 🙂 Ooh that sounds good, nice if it’s something all the family can do too 🙂 xx

  8. Jayne SMABL Reply

    Now this is the motivation I need! I do a bit of boxing but have been looking for a decent fitness app to do alongside.
    PS, those are just THE best leggings!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Lovely to have you back. x

    • Reply

      Haha I’ve been a bit sporadic lately – trying to get back into joining in with linkies etc again!! Ooh boxing sounds fun – I’m so weedy I think I’d be terrible haha!

  9. Ooh I’ll look into this! I loved doing the Joe Wicks workouts and am still doing them every weekend and holiday. I also completed the Couch to 5 k last year and am looking for a new challenge! Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

    • Reply

      That’s fab! I got a bit bored of JW – it all seemed a bit samey after a while, I get bored easily though haha!! Couch to 5k is awesome, well done 🙂

  10. This sounds cool I will check it out. I like a home workout more than going to a gym so this is right up my street. I do live workouts in the park usually, but they are now online #MischiefAndMemories

    • Reply

      I find it so much easier just to be able to workout in my living room rather than having to get out the house etc. Especially with no childcare atm! x

  11. I have nailed healthy eating and giving up booze but need to sort exercise now so this looks great #MischiefandMemories

    • Reply

      Haha I’m the exact opposite!!

  12. We’ve realised that all three of us (me, hubby & teenage son) could do with some healthier habits, especially as we’ve been allowing ourselves extra treats (of the food & drink kind) throughout the pandemic… So a fitness app like this might be something we could benefit from! Thanks so much for sharing with #KCACOLS, I hope you come back next time, too x

    • Reply

      Hope it’s useful! Yes we’re terrible with food and alcohol at the minute, but I’m not sure that’s going to change for now!!

  13. Ohh this sounds really good. i like the idea of ten min workouts to fit through the day. ive been doing a few 10 min yoga and body combat classes i find on youtube but stgh more structured wld be good! #KCACOLS

    • Reply

      Yes I really like the option of having some structure by following a plan 🙂 Nice that it’s all planned out for you with a balance of classes 🙂

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