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I got very lax at joining in with the Living Arrows linky run by lovely Donna towards the end of last year. I mean, it was a bit of a mad year to be fair wasn’t it?! But new year, new start and all that! So I’m determined to keep it up as it’s such a lovely community to be a part of 🙂 I’m not sure 2021 is looking set to be any less crazy though… Especially as the first week of it is seeing us back into lockdown and back to homeschooling!

Looking back at 2020

2020 was tough. For everyone I should imagine! We certainly didn’t have it particularly hard really, in comparison to a lot of people. And I did manage to put together a post about the good things to come out of 2020 for us.

But the pandemic is feeling slightly neverending now, isn’t it? Obviously the vaccine is being rolled out so it should feel like the end is in sight. But it doesn’t really somehow! Not at the moment anyway. I think the realisation that it’s now been almost a year since this all started, and the situation feels worse than ever, is quite depressing. I am trying my hardest to be positive about it though!

Back to homeschooling

So yes, back into lockdown and back to homeschooling! The first time round, home learning started off well. We were all very keen and went right in with the colour coded timetables and so on! Our motivation did lessen gradually as the weeks went on though!

This time round, it definitely doesn’t have the same novelty value. I’m a bit more realistic in my expectations and won’t be putting too much pressure on us all.

The twiglets’ school are really well prepared this time anyway. They’re offering four Teams calls most days for the teachers to start off each lesson. Then the kids go off and do some independent work.

It’s working pretty well, although it’s quite a lot to keep track of! I can’t imagine how parents with more than two children, or parents who are trying to work full time, are managing!

Anyway, this week’s photos are from one of our walks, as I’m definitely finding them a real sanity-saver at the moment!

back to homeschooling
back to homeschooling

Thanks for reading and sending love to anyone struggling this week. Are you back to homeschooling too?

Til next time,

Hannah xx

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  1. I love that photo with the Santa earmuffs! Homeschooling here (we were in tier 4 with schools closed although term didn’t start until today for us) and I agree, the school are far better prepared this time round! We have 3 lots of work uploaded onto Google classroom each day! Just the 4 year old to find interesting stuff for!!!

    • Reply

      Ah thank you! Makes it easier when the school are on it, doesn’t it? Hope it’s not too tricky for you with the littler one! If in doubt, CBeebies 😉

  2. His little face holding the cup!! LOVE! We’re the same here – there is no novelty value and, from Day 2 I have found it such a slog. I’m focusing on one day at a time, getting through each week and just doing our best. It’s hard x

    • Reply

      Ah thank you, yes it’s definitely harder this time round. Sending virtual hugs xx

  3. Love the pic of H in his ear muffs! I’m hoping teddy may get some live lessons at some point soon but maybe I shook be careful for what I wish for as it ever turns out to go how I imagine it to go Happy New Year and onwards and upwards! xx

    • Reply

      Ah Happy New Year to you too lovely, hope you’re all ok 🙂 xx

  4. Mudpie Fridays Reply

    The novelty has definitely well and truly worn off! Especially with both of us trying to work from home at the same time full time. I am sure the trick is not to put too much pressure on. Something I need to remember. Loving your photos, so nice to see you back cant wait to see your adventures even those at home at the moment x

    • Reply

      Oh my goodness I can’t imagine how you’re managing with both of you working full time – well done, you’re doing a fab job xx

  5. I love these pictures, it’s great to see you back again! We’re managing OK with school at home so far – the boys’ school are providing a much more structured day too which is helping. I’m with you though – it’s a full time job, I’ve no idea how anyone who is trying to work as well can do it! We’ve just got to keep doing what we need to do now though, and hope that the vaccine will do what it’s supposed to so we can all get back to something like normal!

    • Reply

      Ah thank you! Yes we have a much more structured day too, which I’m a little sad about as part of me enjoyed all the time for crafting, baking, long walks etc last time. Ah dreaming of normality – still feels a way off but guess we just have to take each day at a time! xx

  6. Good luck with the homeschooling – it”s definitely lost its novelty value this time around! It does seem a bit like we’re all stuck in the same situation as last time without any progress – hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will come soon!


    • Reply

      Yes I hope so too! Sending love! x

  7. My girls school seems well prepared too. I hope all is going well with your home learning.
    What lovely photos. I love your wellies. It looks like a great walk x

    • Reply

      Thank you, I hope yours is going well too! 🙂

    • Reply

      Ah that’s fab 🙂 Ours is too which is good in some ways but also doesn’t leave much time for fun stuff!

  8. Those Santa earmuffs are so cute! We have always homeschooled so even though my middle son went to public school this year and is doing a lot of hybrid/ virtual learning I feel pretty well prepared but do wish I had more technology knowledge for when that side of things doesn’t seem to be working. #MMBC

    • Reply

      Haha they’re cute aren’t they – they were from Flying Tiger 🙂 That’s awesome that you homeschooled 🙂

  9. I know what you mean about the pandemic feeling never ending. It felt like the vaccine was a myth and normality was so far away but my grandparents are booked in for their first vaccine this week and knowing that’s happening makes the light at the end of the tunnel feel a little more real and achievable.

    • Reply

      Ah amazing, hope it goes well for them. Yes it does feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, just still feels quite a way off!

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