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ecoegg laundry egg review

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For a while now, I’ve been wanting to try a more eco-friendly alternative to the washing gel and fabric conditioner I’d been using for years. So I was delighted when the folks at ecoegg offered to send me their laundry egg to review. I wasn’t asked to write a full blog review but I thought it might be useful for people. So here is what I thought πŸ™‚

Now I have not, to date, been the most eco-minded person in the world so I’m certainly not about to start preaching or anything. However, I am really trying to make some small changes. It’s easy to think there’s no point when so many huge corporations and even governments appear not to give a monkeys. But even the tiniest changes by individuals can have an impact.

One of the things that bothers me the most is that warning label you see on some products which says: ‘Harmful to aquatic life.’ Think of the damage these chemicals must be doing when they enter our water system and end up in rivers and seas. Never mind any effects they may be having on us in our homes. For this reason, I have switched to less harmful cleaners and stopped using products like Zoflora. But I realised some of the laundry products I was using also carry this warning.

ecoegg laundry egg review

Why use an ecoegg laundry egg?

1. It’s natural, environmentally friendly and vegan:

The ecoegg Laundry Egg is an innovative product that completely replaces detergent and fabric conditioner. It uses natural mineral pellets to draw out dirt from clothing and soften it without using harsh chemicals. The egg is reusable, therefore reducing single-use plastic. It’s also made without any animal testing or cruelty so it’s suitable for use by vegans.

2. It’s easy to use:

The ecoegg is so easy to use. You just open the egg and pour the two types of pellets into the larger half. Then you close it until it clicks and place it on top of your laundry in the machine. And that’s literally it! You don’t need to add or do anything else. It can also be used for handwashing clothes too.

3. It’s cost-effective:

I expected that the ecoegg would work out quite expensive, as I find a lot of eco-friendly alternatives tend to. However, it actually doesn’t! You buy the egg, which costs Β£9.99. It will last around 70 washes (or until the pellets are below the halfway line on the egg) then you just buy a refill of the pellets for Β£4.99.

4. It’s kind to skin:

The ecoegg was actually originally developed for those with sensitive skin. It contains no harmful chemicals and is really gentle. The Laundry Egg holds an ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award from Allergy UK. I’ve suffered on and off with eczema all my life and H has very sensitive skin too. So I feel much more comfortable knowing that our clothes are being washed in something kinder and gentler on our skin.

ecoegg laundry egg review

Are there any drawbacks to the ecoegg?

Very mild fragrance

I think one thing that could potentially be considered a drawback of the ecoegg is that the fragrance is much lighter than that of traditional detergents. Now obviously, it’s designed to be low fragrance as that’s more eco-friendly and better for skin. However, I have to admit I was a little taken aback at the first wash I did, at just how little fragrance there was.

I, and probably many others, am very used to highly fragranced washing. In fact, I even used to add those scent booster balls to my washing to enhance the fragrance further. So it was a bit of a shock for me to have such a mild scent. The team at ecoegg were so helpful when I mentioned this to them and had some really useful suggestions.

How to make the fragrance stronger:

Add essential oil

Ecoegg explained that some customers who want a slightly stronger fragrance add a couple of drops of diluted essential oil to the drawer. I haven’t tried this yet but I definitely will!

Clean your washing machine

They also mentioned it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your washing machine before using the egg, to remove any build-up of fabric conditioner in the pipes that can cause dodgy odours. On the ecoegg website there are detox tablets available for Β£3.99.

Don’t overfill the machine

I also found it made a difference to put slightly less washing in the machine and ensure it’s not overfilled.

A milder fragrance will take a bit of getting used to, but knowing that my clothes are not covered in a heavy synthetic coating makes me feel so much better. And even though they may not smell as strongly, they certainly feel really clean and soft.

Less effective on heavy stains

I’m not sure if this is just me as I am always terrible at being able to get stains out of clothing anyway. But I have found the ecoegg a bit less effective on really heavy stains than traditional detergent.


In conclusion, I think I might be converted! Moving forward, I will most likely use a combination of the ecoegg and traditional detergent. The ecoegg for the majority of washes (maybe with some essential oil to boost the fragrance) and traditional detergent for heavily stained clothing.

I hope this review of the ecoegg laundry egg has given you some useful information if you were wondering about giving a more eco-friendly laundry system a go yourself.

The ecoegg laundry egg is also available on Amazon:

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Thanks for reading!

Til next time,

Hannah xx

I was gifted an ecoegg in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. All prices correct at time of posting.

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  1. What fragrance did you use? I have eczema too and am very sensitive to fragrance.

    I’ve just looked at them and all products are half price at the moment so think I might invest in one.

    Did everything feel clean and nicely fresh when they dried?

    One more question! Did you use the dryer eggs or just the washer ones?


    1. Hi! I have the Spring Blossom one – the fragrance is very minimal but there is a completely fragrance-free one too I haven’t tried the dryer egg but I might get one – such a good offer while they’re all half price

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