Happy New Year – My 2020 Goals

Happy New Year 2020

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Well, hello there! It’s been a while! My blog has been somewhat neglected of late, mainly because I’ve been enjoying time with family over the Christmas break. As well as eating my body weight in cheese of course! Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that. 2020 hey, and a brand new decade.

Reflecting on the last decade

I’m not one for lots and lots of reflection on the past, but it is interesting thinking back to 2010 and how different life was. How different I was too!

The last decade saw me get married, buy a house and have two amazing children πŸ˜€ The biggest change last year in 2019 of course was that the twiglets started school. Such a big milestone and I’m so pleased that they’ve both settled in brilliantly and are loving it.

Happy New Year

My goals for 2020

I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions really. I usually just have a few goals which I’d like to achieve but I don’t put any pressure on myself.

This year I haven’t given it a huuuge amount of thought to be honest!


But I’d definitely like to start exercising more regularly. I considered trying something like the couch to 5k programme, but I just can’t see myself being disciplined enough to stick to it!

Dancing is about the only form of exercise I actually enjoy, so I think I just need to accept that and do more of it. For now I’m going to try to make sure I go to Zumba a couple of times a week but I may look into some alternatives too πŸ™‚


In terms of work, I’m really not sure what I’m going to be doing. I don’t really have any grand plans at all. It’s probably a terrible thing to admit, but I was never particularly career-minded even before I had children. I loved being a teacher but never had aspirations to move up the career ladder. In fact, being a headteacher would be my idea of hell! I’m not a natural leader in any way and the pressure and responsibility would be bonkers. Even deputy headship doesn’t really appeal to me.

At the moment, I’m just working one day a week at a lovely school near me. I’m really enjoying it. I do a little bit of planning but most of it is done for me so I don’t have too much to do outside of school.

The idea was, and still is, that I’d pick up random days of supply teaching when I could as well. This has proved a bit trickier than expected, as it means coordinating the other half to drop the twigs in at 9 (quite late for him) and my mum to collect them. Also with daily supply, it’s not always arranged in advance so if I don’t have something booked, it’s a bit of a gamble to get everyone in place and have to wait until the morning only to find I have no work that day.

So who knows. I’d like to be working at least one more day at the moment really. I love being around to do the school runs, but we could definitely do with me making a bit more money now!

Blog and social media

I’m hoping to keep up with my blog a bit more. I’ve really fallen out of love with Instagram lately though. It just seems like such a lot of time and effort to get anywhere with it and I’ve been lacking inspiration since the twigs went off to school.

I am going to try and persevere with it though as it’s a great outlet, a great place for advice and support and I do enjoy it. I just need to get a bit more creative with what I post now that I can’t get as many twinnie photos as I used to.


In terms of the twiglets, we’ve signed them up for swimming lessons and after-school football club this term. Now that they’ve had a term to settle in, we figured it would be good if they did some extra-curricular activities.

Starting back at school has been a bit of a shock after two and a half weeks of very little routine though! They’re very tired but handling it pretty well πŸ™‚ Hopefully they’ll have another great term.

Trips and holidays

And other than school (which leaves room for little else!) hopefully we’ll manage a few trips and adventures. Maybe even a holiday, if we get our butts in gear and book something!!

Anyway, that’s probably about it for this little ramble. Happy New Year to you all and I hope you’ve had a good start to the year! What are your plans and goals for 2020?

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

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