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Last week was our first week back in lockdown and back to homeschooling. I was self isolating and we also unfortunately had some sad news about our neighbour.

Self Isolating

So I received a notification from the NHS Test and Trace app that I had been in contact with someone who’d tested positive for Covid-19. This meant I had to self isolate for 10 days!

Obviously I did it because we’ve followed all the rules very carefully so far and been very cautious. I did wonder how on earth I could have been in contact with anyone though! I’d barely been going out! And on the day it said I’d had an encounter, we’d been out for a walk but definitely not been near anyone else.

Anyway, homeschooling and not being able to nip out for a quick bit of fresh air with the twigs was not much fun! But the other half took them out for a quick run each day on his lunch break which helped.

And on my last day of self isolating, I found out that my next door neighbours have Covid and got their positive tests on the exact day of my ‘encounter’! So basically what I think happened is that my phone must have been close to the wall and one of them must have had theirs right on the other side. And the app has picked up the signal but not recognised that there was a wall in between, and taken it as close contact!

When I mentioned about this on Instagram, I had so many messages from people saying the same thing had happened to them or someone they knew! So a bit annoying really but I guess if I’d known earlier I would still have self isolated as it’s hard to be 100% sure (even though I am haha!)

Sad news

We also unfortunately had some sad news this week. The lovely elderly lady who was our neighbour on the other side, had passed away. Her and her husband were always so kind to us since we moved in to our house. He unfortunately died about two years ago. And since then, the lady had been quite sad and lonely.

So I had always tried to look out for her. I used to have her over for a cup of tea (pre-Covid!), chat to her on the phone and run little errands for her. I don’t feel like I did that much really – I could have done more and wish I had. But hopefully she knew that we were there and she could turn to us. She loved H and C and all the little cards they’d make her.

Anyway a few months ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She only had one family member, her grandson, who she was in contact with and he lives three hours away. So I tried to phone her nearly every day and always checked if she needed anything when we went shopping. I was too paranoid about Covid to go and visit her, what with the twigs mixing with kids at school etc.

She went downhill very quickly around Christmas and it was hard to get any news as I didn’t know her grandson’s number. But the past week she had been in a hospice and sadly passed away a couple of days ago. Obviously it was expected, and she wasn’t a family member or anything, but it’s still sad and we’ll miss her.


The first week of homeschooling was ok really. The timetable of work from school is way more intensive this time round, which in some ways is great as I don’t need to think of ideas or plan activities .

But it doesn’t really leave much time for any of the fun stuff we did last lockdown, like baking, going for walks and crafting. I’m not the world’s best at baking and crafting but there was something quite nice last time about enjoying the simple things.

This lockdown feels harder. It feels like a lot of pressure to make sure the twiglets are engaging and doing all their work. Which is difficult because obviously lessons on Teams are just not the same as being in the classroom. And after school, it barely seems worth going for a walk as it’s dark so soon after they finish. We can’t spend loads of time chilling in the garden as it’s too cold or rainy.

Looking for the positives

This post has all been a bit negative and moany! Pretty much how I’ve been feeling tbf – it’s all felt a bit Groundhog Day!

But we are trying to look at the positives too. More family time together. Although it’s been intense, the twigs have actually adapted so well to home learning again, even though they’re missing their friends and teachers. And at least I can go out the house again (albeit not very far!!)

So this week’s Living Arrows photos are from yet another local walk (once I had finished self isolating!) and of the twigs doing some yoga at home 🙂

Lockdown walk
children doing yoga while self isolating

How has your week been?

Til next time,

Hannah xx

Living Arrows


  1. Sorry to hear about your neighbour. It sounds like you were a great help to her. We are also finding this time round tougher for similar reasons. I wish the weekends were slightly longer and the weekdays slight shorter!!

    • Reply

      Aw I hope so, thank you! Yes definitely agree! x

  2. Sorry to hear about your neighbour – this pandemic is having such an effect of everything isn’t it, not just the Covid itself but all the other restrictions too. I hope you’ve had a better week this week – I’m definitely finding it harder this time and the boys school are expecting a lot more of them too. I’m just hanging on to the fact that we have the vaccines now and there is an end somewhere in sight.

    • Reply

      Oh gosh yes I really hope so! Still feels a way off though, just taking each day at a time here! x

  3. So sorry to hear about your neighbour- she was very lucky to have such a good neighbour like yourself to help with her shopping etc. I do worry how many people have no one to turn to in these sad times. Funny you mentioned about close phone contact but no actual contact- my partner had a similar thing and we think it was from when he was sat in a queue in his car, that’s the only time he’d been ‘close’ to anyone.

    Katrina x

    • Reply

      Aw thank you, yes so true 🙁 Oh wow yes I’ve heard of that happening too!!

    • Reply

      No I don’t think so, I tried to call and could never get through. The app is all anonymous so you can’t find out exactly when or where the contact was meant to have happened, so no way to appeal really…

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