What Having An LVL Lash Lift Is Really Like

LVL lash lift

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If you know me, you may well know that I am not really one for beauty treatments as a rule. I LOVE a massage (though I rarely have them), I get my nails done every so often, but that’s about it. So when a lovely local salon, Nouvelles, got in touch to offer me an LVL lash lift, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone. I mean I’ve never even had my eyebrows done! But it was such a fab opportunity that I jumped at the chance.

LVL Lash Lift

Nouvelles Hair and Beauty Salon

Nouvelles is an independent salon based in Ewell, near Epsom in Surrey. It opened four years ago and offers a variety of hair styling and colour services, as well as beauty treatments including facials, waxing, make-up and many others. They also have a lovely coffee bar at the front, so you can have a ‘proper’ coffee while you enjoy a treatment!

As I said, I did feel a bit nervous and not quite sure what to expect on the day. But my therapist Sasha was so friendly and immediately put me at ease. I was taken through to a treatment room at the back, where there was a bed and relaxing music playing.

Is an LVL lash lift safe for contact lens wearers?

I wear contact lenses, and was assured that the treatment is totally safe for contact lens wearers. Obviously I did need to remove my lenses during the treatment, which I was a little apprehensive about as I can barely see a thing without them. I needn’t have worried though as my eyes were actually closed for the entire time anyway. I was able to put them back in immediately after with no problems.

Preparation for the LVL lash lift

Once I had taken my lenses out, I laid down on the table and a headband was put on me. My eye area was wiped thoroughly to ensure there was no make-up residue or anything. Sticky pads were placed under my eyes to keep my bottom lashes out of the way. (These feel fine and don’t hurt when removed or anything).

Silicone moulds were then placed on my eyelids. There are three possible sizes of these – I think I had the small one as my lashes are quite short and straight. If your eyelashes are naturally long and curly, you would probably use a larger size.

My top eyelashes were gently pulled back over the silicone shield and a bonding gel applied to stick them down. This felt quite strange but not too uncomfortable. Then the treatment could begin. 

Stage 1: Lifting Balm

Firstly, a lifting balm was applied to break down the bonds in the hair in order to change their shape later. While we waited for this to do its thing, I was treated to a relaxing hand massage. 

LVL lash lift

Stage 2: Volumising Cream

Once the lifting balm was removed, a volumising cream was then used to repair the bonds, while fixing the lashes into the shape of the shield. 

Stage 3: Tinting

The final stage is tinting the eyelashes, to give them a deeper colour and make them extra fluttery. 

After the LVL lash lift

Once everything was removed and my lashes moisturised, that was me done!

I am SO pleased with the results. I was worried they might look a bit OTT and crazy! But actually they look so natural, just way better than before!

The whole point of this treatment is that it enhances what you naturally have, so it really doesn’t look false at all. The results should last between about 6 and 8 weeks. And it’s recommended that if you have it done regularly, you apply special serum to your lashes. 

I’m so pleased with my new eyelashes – I love the natural lift and curl in them. It’s amazing to not need to bother with mascara every day! 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this was useful if you’re considering trying an LVL lash lift yourself. 

Til next time, 

Hannah xx 

PS – I was kindly gifted this treatment. I was under no obligation to write a review – I just wanted to as I’m so pleased with the results and the experience I had.  

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LVL lash lift

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