A Fun Family Day Out At Jimmy’s Farm Ipswich

Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

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During our recent holiday in Suffolk, we had a really fun day out at Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich. It felt super safe with all the measures in place, and we had the best time! So I thought I’d write a little review in case it might be helpful for anyone thinking of making a trip there πŸ™‚

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Booking tickets

At the moment, entry to Jimmy’s Farm is with pre-booked tickets only. We managed to get tickets two days in advance. It costs Β£34 for a family ticket and you just choose the date and time slot you’d like to visit.

Arriving at Jimmy’s Farm Ipswich

Our allocated time slot for entry to Jimmy’s Farm was 12pm, but we arrived pretty early. Luckily the cafe and shops are located before you enter the farm and wildlife park. So we were able to sit and have a coffee there before we went in.

There was a small (socially distanced queue) to enter the farm. While we waited a member of staff told us some useful information about going round the farm and the measures being taken for Covid-19. We had the option to buy animal feed from him using cash (Β£1 a bag) or we could purchase it from the entry counter if we wanted.

To get in, we just gave our name and showed our booking receipt on a phone. We were given a receipt for reentry as you had to go back out to get to the cafe.

Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

Covid-19 measures

  • Pre-booked tickets only, limited numbers
  • Hand sanitising (and handwashing) stations at very regular intervals all around the farm and wildlife park
  • Clear one-way system in operation
  • Social distancing reminders
  • Limited numbers of children allowed on jumping pillow at one time
  • Face coverings required in shops, limited numbers of people at once


The main restaurant is closed at the moment but the outdoor Field Kitchen is open, offering a pretty varied lunch menu. I had a delicious tortilla salad with couscous, and everyone else had hotdogs which went down very well! There’s plenty of seating on round picnic-style benches and a little sandpit for kids to play in.

Down by the Bouncy Pillow, there is also a Snack Shack, serving ice creams and a range of snacks. And apparently there’s a little mobile bicycle serving ice creams, although we didn’t see it!

In the woodland (on the Woodland Walk), there is also an outdoor pub called the Hair Of The Hog. We didn’t actually stop here in the end but it looked very popular! It serves beer, cold drinks, tea/coffee, snacks and even cocktails!


The toilets inside the restaurant were open (although the restaurant itself is closed). There were also toilets just inside the entrance to the park but no others.

This wasn’t a problem for us but something to bear in mind, as you would be quite far from a toilet if you were on the Woodland Walk, for example.

Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park

We were really impressed at the different range of animals in the farm and wildlife park. The twiglets absolutely loved getting up close to the animals and being able to feed them. C was a little nervous to begin with but she soon warmed up and loved it! She found the more slobbery animals particularly amusing!! πŸ™‚

girl feeding sheep at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich
Girl feeding sheep at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

The park felt busy, but not too packed. Social distancing was easily possible so I felt at ease and comfortable.

We enjoyed the Butterfly House, although there didn’t actually seem to be that many butterflies! We only spotted three but there was a sign saying more were on the way so I guess it just depends when you go.

Butterfly house at Jimmy's Farm

The twiglets loved watching the giant tortoise, crocodiles and snakes in the Tropical House.

The kangaroos in the Outback Safari were so cute! It was cool being able to walk right through the middle of their enclosure.

Kangaroo at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

Play area and Bouncy Pillow

There was lots for kids to do in the play area – a wooden playground with a little assault course trail, a big sandpit and the very popular Bouncy Pillow.

There were strict regulations in place for the Bouncy Pillow and I felt this was really well-managed. Ten children were allowed on at one time for a ten-minute session. There was a socially distanced queue and a member of staff would count out the children and let people know if they were going to be the start of the next group so everyone knew how long they would be queueing for. Although the queue looked quite long, we only actually waited for about 10/15 minutes.

The twiglets absolutely LOVED it!And it was actually quite nice that the numbers were limited as it wasn’t complete carnage like these things sometimes are!

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

The Woodland Walk was great – it definitely exceeded our expectations! There was a very clear one-way system in place and frequent reminders to stay on the path.

Woodland Walk

There was a huge area for den-building, which the twigs loved.

Den building at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

Along the trail, we really enjoyed spotting all the creatures who used to roam the woodlands, including bears and sabre-toothed tigers, even a Sasquatch! It would be a great opportunity to talk about evolution with older kids.

Brown bear on Woodland Walk
Woodland Walk at Jimmy's Farm Ipswich

So what did we think of Jimmy’s Farm Ipswich?

In conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich as a fun family day out. We had such a great time. And I think it’s great value for what you get too!

Thanks as always for reading πŸ™‚ Til next time,

Hannah xx

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