Rainbow First Birthday Party Ideas

rainbow first birthday party

This post is a hell of a throwback, seeing as the twigs are now 4! But I was looking back at old photos and thought I’d really like to write about their first birthday party. It was awesome but I hadn’t yet started my blog at that point. So here are some rainbow first birthday party ideas, that might be helpful in case you were thinking of throwing one yourself! πŸ˜€

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Feeling Like A Crap Parent

feeling like a crap parent
Image from Pixabay

Tonight I’m feeling like a crap parent. I mean, it’s not a one-off or anything – I quite often feel like a crap parent. As do most of us from time to time I’m sure! Usually it’s when I’ve properly lost it with one or both of the twiglets. And tonight I really lost it with C πŸ™

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Enjoying the Simple Things -Living Arrows 17/52 (2020)

enjoying the simple things

I’ve chosen this photo for this week’s Living Arrows linky because I just love how enjoying the simple things can make kids so happy sometimes. In this photo the twiglets are eating homemade banana muffins inside a den they built. This would make it sound like I’m completely smashing parenting during lockdown, right? I mean, how wholesome and lovely! In reality, the muffins were burnt to within an inch of their lives and the ‘den’ was literally just a throw draped over a few garden chairs, ready to collapse at any second!

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