Keeping Kids Entertained With My Busy Bots Fun Folders

My Busy Bots Fun Folders review

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I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my kiddies entertained while we’re out and about. Especially at times like when we’re waiting for food in a cafe or restaurant. Having something to keep them occupied can be the difference between a trip out being relaxed and enjoyable, or being a stressful nightmare! Could ‘My Busy Bots’ Fun Folders provide the solution?

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My Busy Bots

We have been fans of My Busy Bots for a loooong time! Previously I worked with them on this AD when I reviewed their amazing Busy Bags.

I also since purchased their Starting School toolkit for kids, which we absolutely loved. It was so handy when the twiglets were preparing to start school.

My Busy Bots was founded by Candice, a mum who wanted to use everyday items to create colourful, fun and educational products to help kids develop their fine motor skills.

What are Fun Folders?

I was super excited when I saw that My Busy Bots were releasing their new Fun Folders. I just think they’re such a brilliant idea!

My Busy Bots basically wanted to create something like a conference folder for kids, as they couldn’t find anything on the market already. So a Fun Folder is a colourful, wipe-clean folder, slightly larger than A5, containing an activity booklet, stickers and 15 mini wooden pencils inside a zipped compartment.

All the fun characters on the outside of the folder and inside the booklet are designed and hand-drawn by Candice. You can choose which colour you would like for the outer zip – from red, yellow, orange or blue.

The activity booklets are themed and aimed at particular age ranges. So for example, you can get a minibeasts themed booklet for age 3+, a dinosaurs themed one for age 5+ and an enchanted woodland themed booklet for age 7+. The booklets each cover various areas of learning:  maths, handwriting, literacy, the world around us and imagination and well being.

The best thing is that you can get refill booklets for when they’re finished and My Busy Bots are always working on new ones with different themes.

My Busy Bots Fun Folders

How did we get on?

The twiglets absolutely LOVE their Fun Folders. We use them all the time when we’re out and about – they’re always in my rucksack when we go out now!

I find them particularly useful if we’re in cafes or restaurants (not that we are very often at the moment!) But because the booklets are so varied and packed full of interesting activities, they’re just brilliant for keeping the twigs entertained and busy (and quiet!)

Twins using My Busy Bots Fun Folders

We even used them when we were waiting in a huge queue in B & Q the other day. The twigs were getting impatient so I set them up in a corner on the floor with their folders and then we didn’t hear a peep!! πŸ™‚

I absolutely love the look of them too. The designs on the outside are cool but also cute. The twiglets love that they have so many of their favourite things on: dinosaurs, space, ice creams and of course rainbows!

What we love about My Busy Bots Fun Folders:

Twins using My Busy Bots Fun Folders

We absolutely love our Fun Folders because they are:

  • Colourful
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Age appropriate
  • Compact and perfect for travelling
  • Durable

In addition:

  • You can buy refill activity booklets
  • You can choose the colour you’d like
  • The activities are super varied and cover lots of areas of learning
My Busy Bots Fun Folders page

Thanks so much for reading my review of My Busy Bots Fun Folders! I really hope it was useful πŸ™‚

You can purchase your own Fun Folder from the My Busy Bots website for Β£17.99.

Til next time,

Hannah xx

Disclosure – I purchased one Fun Folder and was sent another for the purpose of review.

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  1. These look absolutely fabulous and a great way to keep children entertained at a restaurant. I always used to carry crayons, stickers and a notepad in my bag – those days are behind us now though!


  2. These look lovely, I really like the characters and colourful design I can see it being really appealing to the kids. I am always looking for things to keep my kids busy. #KCACOLS

  3. These look great I am going to get one for each of the grandchildren #kidsandkreativity@_karendenbid199@gmail is

  4. These are such a great idea and perfect for helping to keep children entertained while out and about. I used to keep some coloured pencils and colouring books in my bag but I like how these are self-contained and being able to get refills is great too. #KidsandKreativity

    1. Yes that’s what’s so handy, that they’re self contained – really useful πŸ™‚

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