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This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster! We took some pretty big steps on the way to hopefully helping C with some of the struggles she’s been having lately. And we’ve been playing in the snow hurrah!

Looking for answers

I’ve mentioned before about some of the challenges we’re having with C. I’m not going to go into everything as I don’t think it’s fair on her. But things have been pretty tough, there have been a lot of pretty extreme emotional outbursts and she’s really been struggling.

This hasn’t just been as a result of lockdown. Looking back, I think a lot of the issues have actually been there for years, but we just put them down to her being young etc. It’s becoming apparent that there may be more underlying it all now.

So this week I finally plucked up the courage to speak to a GP about it. She has put in an urgent referral to CAMHS so I’m hoping that at some point soon (ish!) we may get some answers or at least some strategies to help C.

Back to school

We were also referred to another team who were really lovely. They spoke to C and H’s headteacher who has offered them both places back at school, to try to make things more manageable and to hopefully help C.

I felt very conflicted about whether to accept this offer, as I was conscious of increasing the numbers of kids in school. I also can’t help but feel really guilty when I know there are so many families struggling with managing working/homeschooling etc. Especially as I’m only working part time too.

But I have to think of what’s best for my child and I’m quite sure having some normality will be good for her mental health. It also means the school can carry out some observations and assessments on her themselves. Given that the referral will probably take ages, I wouldn’t want to delay anything that may help get us on the path to some answers sooner.

So yes, back to school! I do feel very weird about it, and it’s going to be very strange going back to having basically no idea what they’re learning about at school again! Even though home learning has been really intense and quite tough this time round, I think I’m almost going to miss it! (Please don’t shoot me haha!)

Playing in the snow

For this week’s Living Arrows photos I had to choose these photos of the twiglets playing in the snow. It was such a lovely surprise to get so much snow on Sunday, and it was a welcome relief from the monotony of lockdown!

Playing in the snow
Playing in the snow

Did you have snow where you are? I hope you all have a lovely week!

Til next time,

Hannah xx

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  1. Oh the snow was just glorious wasn’t it?! I hope you get some help with the behaviour issues and don’t feel bad about school, it might be just the thing they need x

    • Reply

      Oh it really was! It’s still been tough but at least we are able to get a bit of headspace so it’s less intense!

  2. Mudpie Fridays Reply

    Hope the return to school helps C and that they can help with support around observations etc. I would totally do the same thing in your position. Love the snow pictures. It missed us last weekend so keeping my fingers crossed it comes round again

    • Reply

      Thank you. Aw sorry you missed out on the snow, think there’s meant to be more on the way!

  3. It sounds like you’ve done the right thing regarding school. I appreciate you wanting to respect C’s privacy but I was under CAMHS for a long time as a child if you do want to chat.

    Katrina x

    • Reply

      Oh thank you, that’s so kind of you! I may well take you up on that. Just preparing myself that it’s going to be a very long process and most likely a battle to get anywhere 🙁

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