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It’s so important to get children excited about Science from an early age. To celebrate British Science Week, we were lucky enough to receive some lovely STEM toys from Learning Resources. This post will show you how Learning Resources can help you bring Science to life at home in an easy and fun way.

STEM toys Learning Resources

Why is STEM important?

STEM stands for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Rather than seeing them as four distinct subjects, the STEM acronym groups them together. It recognises that through all of them, children develop the same sorts of skills – like critical thinking and problem solving.

There’s a shortage of young adults pursuing careers in these fields, not to mention the existence of traditional gender stereotypes of Science being only for boys. This is why it’s so important we give all children the opportunity to develop an interest in Science from an early age.

About Learning Resources

Learning Resources offer a huge range of educational toys and games, including STEM toys. to give children the best learning opportunities possible. Their core values are Quality, Passion and Fun, and these definitely come across through their products!

Here’s some more information about the STEM toys we were given to review:

Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope

children's microscope

The Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope is a fab working microscope aimed at ages 3-7. The chunky design makes it perfect for little hands and it’s so easy to use. It has a knob for simple focusing and provides 8x magnification. I love the fact that the two large eye pieces mean that the child doesn’t need to close one eye. I know H would have struggled with that! It also has a bright LED light to really light up close details.

The twiglets have been loving inspecting their toys with the microscope. We also went for a nature walk and collected lots of treasures. They especially liked looking at leaves and noticing all the details on them.

children's microscope
When your sister’s hogging the microscope 😉

Primary Science Lab Set

STEM toys Learning Resources

What is the Primary Science Lab Set?

The Primary Science Lab Set is an entire kit of real science laboratory equipment made especially for kids. It’s perfect for introducing chemistry in a practical, hands-on way. I love how brightly coloured and robustly made the set is. It comes with wipe-clean Activity Cards with ideas for simple child-friendly science experiments to try. All the equipment can be washed easily with warm, soapy water then reused.


The set consists of:

  • Magnifying glass
  • Beakers
  • Funnel
  • Pipette
  • Flask
  • Tweezers
  • Lab-style goggles
  • Large and small test tubes with lids and stands
  • Activity guide and 10 activity cards (not pictured)
Primary Science lab set
Contents of the Primary Science lab set

The twiglets have really enjoyed trying some of the experiments. They really are super easy and use everyday items that you would most likely have in the house already.

Colour mixing

We tried the primary colour mixing experiment using food colouring. The twiglets loved predicting what the new colours would be, as well as filling and pouring the test tubes using the pipette.

colour mixing
STEM toys Learning Resources
colour mixing
‘Blue and yellow make green Mummy!’

Dancing raisins

We also tried the ‘Dancing Raisins’ experiment where you put raisins in lemonade. The twigs were so excited to watch the raisins suddenly float up to the surface being carried by the bubbles, then sink back down as the bubbles popped. We had a great discussion about what was happening and even talked about carbon dioxide!

kids science experiment
kids science experiment

The twiglets can’t wait to try more of the experiments – this set has definitely sparked their interest in Science, which is so awesome!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Learning Resources STEM toys. I would highly recommend them as an early introduction to STEM for young children. Check out the Learning Resources website for more amazing STEM toys.

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

Note – We were gifted these products in exchange for a review – as always, my opinions are honest and my own 🙂

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