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I cant actually believe we’re onto week 6 of this year already! How crazy is that?! This week has thankfully been a lot more settled than the last one (no gas leaks at school yay!) The twiglets have done a full week back at school and I do think having some routine and seeing other children has been immensely good for their mental health. I’m very grateful they were given the opportunity to go back. Other than that, not a lot has changed but I have been reflecting on how lucky we are to have all the virtual opportunities we do. I think having a bit of a virtual social life has just about kept us all sane over lockdown.

Virtual Stagecoach

H has been doing his Stagecoach classes on Zoom since the start of the year. I was a bit unsure initially whether to sign him up for them or not. I didn’t know if he’d really engage with it much or if it would just be a waste of money. But luckily he has been loving them! The teacher is just amazing and really gets them all motivated and gives them confidence. H amazes me with how brave he is! He will happily sing solos in front of all the other kids (yes I cry every time!) It is a bit hit and miss and obviously is no replacement for the real physical classes. But until they can safely return, it’s definitely a really good substitute.

Virtual Wine Tasting

As for me, I haven’t actually done anything remotely sociable in months. What with lockdown and it getting dark so early each day, I’ve just not managed to find or make the time to do anything really with friends! But this weekend I did a wine-tasting evening on Zoom for a friend’s birthday. And I have to say it did me the world of good just to do something a bit different. (Although drinking wine is by NO means an alien concept to me right now haha!)

But it was good to learn something new, and I was very proud of myself for recognising a Rioja. (That may just be a testament to how much of a raging alcoholic I’ve become over lockdown though!)

Anyway it just got me thinking that we are lucky to be able to at least keep some form of human contact going. Not at all the same as the real thing of course. But Zoom and all the various other video calling platforms have enabled us to have at least a bit of a virtual social life and keep in touch with family. They’ve really helped us to feel less isolated over lockdown.

My photos for Living Arrows this week are totally unrelated to all that! 🙂 We had another tiny sprinkling of snow this weekend (it was pretty disappointing to be fair!) We got out for a walk and it was freezing and actually not particularly pleasant! But good to get some fresh air anyway and it was worth it for the hot chocolate after. The twiglets, after having moaned for 20 minutes about being too cold, chose to have ice cream. Just what you want in minus 1 degree weather… Well apparently yes, if you’re 5!

Virtual social life girl in snow
Virtual social life ice cream in snow

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

Kahlil Gibran

Thanks for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

Living Arrows


  1. Wow they are brave having ice cream right now! Glad they’ve been enjoying themselves at school. Routine and structure seems to do everyone the world of good.

    Katrina x

    • Reply

      I know, they’re completely crazy haha! Yes definitely agree about the routine 🙂 x

    • Reply

      I know right, they’re mad!! Haha thank you xx

  2. I have never done a virtual wine tasting, that sounds like so much fun!! And I am a huge fan of ice cream all year round!

    • Reply

      It was really good actually – so interesting 🙂

  3. I took a double take seeing your children eating ice cream in the snow!! I’m glad the virtual learning is going relatively well.

    • Reply

      Hahaha I know, they’re crazy aren’t they?! x

  4. I have had no social life, virtual or real, for about a year! I feel like I’ve just switched off from being sociable as a coping mechanism. The wine tasting sounds great! x

    • Reply

      Oh same here, I find if I bump into someone, I’m barely able to hold a conversation! I mean, I wasn’t brilliant before haha!!!

    • Reply

      Haha they’re crazy! 🙂

    • Reply

      Ah that is a shame. Obvs not the same as the real thing but good for in the meantime 🙂

    • Reply

      You too lovely, hope you have a good one!

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