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Chalkola chalk markers review

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Hiii! I had seen Chalkola chalk markers on various accounts I follow over on Instagram, and thought they looked amazing. Such vibrant, beautiful colours! So I was over the moon when Chalkola contacted me to see if we would like to try out some of their products. I hope you enjoy my review of Chalkola chalk markers – here is what we thought πŸ™‚

Chalkola chalk markers review

About Chalkola

Chalkola’s philosophy is: ‘Live a vibrant life’. They believe that art should be accessible to everyone, therefore affordability and quality are really important to them.

Chalkola products

Chalkola have a wide selection of different types of *chalk markers. We were sent a box containing 30 neon and pastel markers – there are also metallic, vintage and fine-tip versions too. We were also sent one of their fab *chalkboards. In addition, they offer a huge range of *art supplies including acrylic markers, dot markers, watercolour brush pens and more.

What are Chalkola chalk markers?

Chalkola chalk markers are liquid chalk pens. They can be used on any non-porous surface, including mirrors, windows, metal, blackboards, whiteboards and more.

So how did we get on?

Chalkola chalk markers review

When I opened the pens, the first thing I was struck by was the range of beautiful colours. I knew already they were right up our street but that confirmed it!

The first time you use the pens, you have to give them a good shake then press the nib repeatedly up and down a few times to get the ink to travel down to the nib. This didn’t take long at all, although I didn’t do them all at once to be fair!

We received the pens and chalkboard a couple of days before the twiglets’ fifth birthday so of course I had to create a little rainbow birthday board for them! I’m not actually particularly artistic at all but I was pretty impressed with how it turned out! πŸ™‚

birthday chalkboard

I’m really enjoying using the markers. They write so beautifully and smoothly, and the ink is easy to wipe off if you make a mistake. The chalkboard is great for displaying little motivational messages or using as a photo prop.

The twiglets love the chalk markers too (when they can get them away from Mummy that is, haha!) They really enjoy decorating the board and have used the pens for various crafty activities too.

chalkola chalk markers review

What we love about Chalkola chalk markers:

They’re easy to use

Chalkola chalk markers write so smoothly and evenly. They feel lovely to write and draw with, and dry within a few minutes.

They’re easy to clean off

The liquid chalk can be easily wiped off a surface using a wet cloth or wipe, with no smearing or smudging. It also washes out of clothes easily, without staining.

They’re safe for kids

Chalkola marker pens are completely non-toxic and odour-free, making them perfectly safe for children to use. They’re also dustless too.

They’re eco-friendly

The non-toxic, water-based formula of the ink is kind to the environment.

They’re versatile

Chalkola chalk markers can be used on such a wide variety of surfaces – basically any surface that is non-porous. The reversible 6mm tip gives you the option of fine tip markers for detail work, or broad chisel tip markers for when you need big bold lines.

They’re vibrant

The colours are so bright and saturated – they’re absolutely perfect for us and our love of rainbows!

Top tip for getting the most out of your chalk markers:

  • Take care when using two colours close together, as the colours can bleed/merge a little. Either leave a little gap between different colours or make sure you wait for one colour to dry before applying the other.

Thank you for reading my review of Chalkola chalk markers – I hope it was useful! I would thoroughly recommend these pens if you or your little ones are looking to create some beautiful, vibrant artwork.

If you want to purchase some Chalkola pens or any other products, click HERE * πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for reading! Til next time,

Hannah xx

PS We were gifted this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own πŸ™‚

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    1. Ooh I haven’t tried them on windows yet, good to know – thanks! πŸ™‚ xx

  1. These look fantastic! My daughter is receiving a chalk board for her 3rd birthday next week, so I’m sure she would love some of these markers. The colours are wonderful! #DreamTeamLinky

  2. We have these!! They are brilliant aren’t they. We’ve also drawn in glass dishes and vases, and also on water bottles (adding secret messages). Thank you for sharing your review with the #DreamTeamLinky xx

    1. Amazing!! Love the secret messages on water bottles idea, how lovely! πŸ™‚ xx

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