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My Busy Bots review

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Hi! I’m really excited to share an amazing product with you today! We were sent some busy bags from My Busy Bots to review 😁 So here is what we thought…

My Busy Bots review

Who are My Busy Bots?

My Busy Bots was founded by two mums – Candice and Leanne. They wanted to bring together their knowledge and passion for education, with a way of giving busy mums an opportunity to have a little breather for 5/10 minutes. To enjoy a hot cup of tea or have a wee in peace!

What are busy bags?

My Busy Bots create clever busy bags which contain fun, engaging activities to keep little ones occupied either at home or on the go. As well as being a great distraction, they are also really educational and develop essential abilities such as fine motor and visual perception skills.

All of the activities come in brightly coloured, waterproof and wipe-clean bags. They are recommended for ages 3-8 but each individual activity has a specific age range labelled.

My Busy Bots review

What do you get inside a busy bag?

All the materials needed are provided, along with an information card which includes the following:

  • How to use the activity
  • How to extend the activity for more capable learners
  • The skills that are being developed through doing the activity
My Busy Bots Busy Bags

Choosing our busy bags

There’s a huge range of activities to choose from on the My Busy Bots website so it was really difficult to pick 😊 I knew I wanted something to do with letters and/or sounds, as the twiglets are really excited by learning those at the moment. I want to encourage that as much as possible while still keeping it all fun first and foremost, so as not to dampen their enthusiasm.

So I opted for ‘Peg It!’ I then wanted something a little different, maybe something to do with a real life context, so I went for ‘Beep Beep Choo Choo!’ which is all about different modes of transport.

The ‘Peg It!’ busy bag

When the activities arrived in the post, the twiglets were so enthusiastic to get started.  We began with ‘Peg It!’ as they were beyond excited by the pegs. The activity bags use real-life objects which children wouldn’t necessarily usually play with – not your everyday toys.

The pegs were a really good level of challenge for the twigs 😊 They found it quite tricky to open and close them so we practised this for a while to begin with and they were really excited when they started to master it.

This is so great for their fine motor skills, and particularly useful for H. He’s a leftie and struggles to hold a pencil in the correct way when writing/drawing. I had heard that using pegs is a really great way to encourage children to use the correct tripod grip as it develops the exact muscles needed, so this activity was perfect for him 😊

My Busy Bots peg activity
My Busy Bots peg activity

The activity itself involves placing a peg on the object which begins with the letter in the centre of each card. I was surprised at how good the twigs were at this – there were a lot they couldn’t yet do but they had a really great go at recognising the letters, naming all the objects and figuring out which one was right.

peg preschooler activity

The ‘Beep Beep Choo Choo’ busy bag

The ‘Beep Beep Choo Choo’ pack has been just as popular with the twiglets 😁 There are lots of options as to what the children can do with this one.

In the photos, the twiglets are matching the vehicles/modes of transport with where they travel – ie land, sea or air. This was a really great challenge for them and they had lots of fun. They love the little foam shapes 😊

My Busy Bots preschool activity

What we love about My Busy Bots busy bags

They’re robust and reusable

As a busy mum, I love how practical the My Busy Bots Busy Bags are. Everything is fully reusable. Obviously the children have to take some care. (I have to make sure H doesn’t get in one of his crazy destructive moods! 😳) But the materials are pretty robust anyway.

They’re mess-free

The activities are also completely mess-free – a huge winner for me! Nothing sticky, nothing to stain anywhere… Perfect 😊

They’re a great alternative to screen time

The bright colours are so appealing to little ones and it’s fab to know that the activities are actually teaching the kiddies something, as well as providing a welcome distraction. A fab alternative to screen time 👍🏻

They’re useful for keeping kids occupied

I have found our busy bags particularly useful when the twiglets are waiting for food 😂 H in particular is not the most patient when it comes to this, so at home, while I’m cooking dinner for them, the busy bags have been a godsend.

The activities are engaging enough to keep him fully distracted and entertained until their meal is ready. Totally prevents the constant whinging I would normally be subjected to! 🙈😂 (Also great for when I’m attempting to keep up with the never-ending laundry mountain or run round with the hoover 🤣)

They’re great for taking out and about

When out with the twigs, I’ve found the busy bags invaluable in cafes or restaurants, again while the feral beasts are waiting for food 🙈😂 Usually I would always whack out the old colouring or sticker books, but they tend to get bored of those pretty quickly. So it’s fab to have something that holds their attention for longer.

My Busy Bots

It also gives me the chance to actually drink a HOT coffee for a change! 😱😍

hot coffee while kids play

If you fancy getting your hands on some busy bags for your little ones, you can purchase them from the My Busy Bots website πŸ™‚ Or check them out on Instagram 😊

And if you do order, use code ‘Han10’ for a cheeky little discount 😉

Thanks so much for reading this review of My Busy Bots activity bags – I hope it was useful!

Til next time,

Hannah x

PS – This is a paid post 👍🏻 But I hope it’s clear from how well suited these products are to us, that my opinions are absolutely honest and genuine (as always – I don’t lie innit) 😍

My Busy Bots review

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