Eco-Friendly Home Baking Kits From Little Star Baker

Little Star Baker eco-friendly home baking kits

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You may know by now that I’m not that big on baking. I quite like it and I’m not usually tooooo horrific at it when I give it a go! But it doesn’t really happen all that often. I used to find it very stressful trying to bake with little twins making a mess everywhere and getting bored after two minutes! It’s much easier now that they’re 5 and their attention span is slightly longer than that of a gnat. But I still like to find shortcuts to make it even easier! So I was delighted when Little Star Baker got in touch and offered to send us one of their pre-prepared eco-friendly home baking kits.

Who are Little Star Baker?

Little Star Baker are a mother and daughter duo who create beautiful eco-friendly home baking kits. They set up their business during lockdown, as they wanted to provide a way for people to send a lovely, meaningful gift to loved ones during such an uncertain time.

Little Star Baker are passionate about inspiring families to spend quality time in the kitchen, making wonderful memories.

About Little Star Baker home baking kits

Little Star Baker home baking kits are handmade with 100% eco-friendly packaging. They contain everything you need to make delicious bakes, with pre-measured ingredients to save you a trip to the supermarket.

There are a selection of home baking kits available, including a monster cupcake kit, a butterfly wand biscuit kit and an under the sea biscuit kit. All the kits retail at Β£14.99.

We were sent an Over The Rainbow biscuit kit to test out and review πŸ™‚

What’s inside the kits?

eco-friendly home baking kits from Little Star Baker

The twiglets were really excited when we received our home baking kit, especially when they spotted the rainbow sprinkles! I loved the little note inside – a lovely personal touch!

Note inside Little Star Baker baking kit

Inside our kit was:

  • Rainbow cookie cutter
  • Icing mix packet
  • Biscuit mix packet
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Marshmallows
  • Recipe/instructions
  • Rainbow colouring activity
Contents of Little Star Baker eco-friendly rainbow home baking kit

We needed to provide an egg and some butter to bake the biscuits.

Baking our rainbow biscuits

Baking our rainbow biscuits was really simple (even by my standards!) and the instructions were easy to follow. The twiglets loved whisking the butter and biscuit mix together.

twins baking
twins baking rainbow biscuits

The colouring activity came in really handy while we waited for our dough to chill!

boy colouring a rainbow

We did have a minor disaster when we tried to roll out our biscuit dough, as we realised it was way too sticky. Little Star Baker were really helpful when I DMd them on Instagram and told me how to rectify the problem. We realised it was because I’d used large eggs and put too much egg in the mixture!

Anyway, once that was sorted (by adding more flour and leaving to chill again), we managed to roll out the dough and cut out our rainbow shapes.

cutting out rainbow biscuits with Little Star Baker eco-friendly home baking kits

Decorating our rainbow biscuits

Once our rainbow biscuits were baked, it was time to decorate them! We had icing, rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows for the clouds. It was pretty messy but lots of fun! And I had two small hoovers who cleaned up any sprinkles and icing that dropped on the table anyway! πŸ˜‰

decorating rainbow biscuits from Little Star Baker eco-friendly home baking kit
decorating rainbow biscuits

Our finished rainbow biscuits

rainbow biscuits from Little Star Baker eco-friendly home baking kits

So here are our finished biscuits – what do you think?! I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out πŸ™‚ The twiglets were too!

twins with rainbow biscuits

And they tasted delicious! πŸ™‚

happy girl eating biscuit

What we thought of Little Star Baker eco-friendly home baking kits

I would thoroughly recommend these home baking kits, particularly if, like me, you’re not a very confident baker. They are a super easy and fun way to do some baking at home with your children. And I love that they’re eco-friendly too!

I really hope you enjoyed my review of Little Star Baker’s eco-friendly home baking kits. Thanks so much for reading!

Til next time,

Hannah xx

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Little Star Baker eco-friendly rainbow home baking kits

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